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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 67

Dear family and friends,
This last week was full of revelation and ways to improve on all spectrums. As we hiked Mount. Aragats for Zone Conf. It was a great opportunity to talk to all the missionaries and take interest in them and their lives and missionary work. There is so much to learn from every single one of them. As cliche as this sounds I wish every one of them realized the greatness and potential they posses. Every single missionary has an innumerable amount of qualities and characteristics worth acquiring, I love them all so much and learn much from them every day.

The work in our area is good, however not quite where we want it to be. We have received revelation on how to overcome  the many outside influences that attempt to submerge those we teach, it has been neat to be able to prepare those we teach for the opposition they may face and to see them overcome it. 

We were blessed to baptize two very elect men last week and the spirit that filled every part of my body as I baptized them was spectacular. They were some of the most prepared people I have taught while on my mission and the spirit was with them in abundance.

We talk to everyone that comes within radius of our voice and as we do so we try to put a focus on families in our teaching and finding. We had a great lesson with that man from last week that we met while trying to fix his computer. He is looking promising we meet his family soon which will be exciting as well as many others preparing for baptism.

We have many great lessons during the week that propel me and bring me back to the reality of why I am here. Sometimes we get preoccupied with the how of many of our acquisitions and lose sight of the simple why. It all goes back to Christ.The more my knowledge of the gospel broadens, the more I realize everything in the gospel is an appendage of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. He suffered for all therefore understands all perfectly. I feel the spirit enter the room every time I testify of his reality, love and omnipresence.

 Someone asked me if I could change one thing in Armenia what would it be? I responded not limiting to Armenia but for all people of all races of all backgrounds and walks of life to understand the love of God and Jesus Christ. If all knew how much they were loved by these supernal beings I am convinced the world would be completely revolved. What better way to spread that love throughout the world than missionary work. 

There are things I have faith in and things I know and I know God and Jesus Christ love their children, I feel it every time I testify of them and this eternal truth. I will always miss the loved ones that have passed away especially ones that left this mortality unprepared and possibly unintentional. However this simple scripture gives me the solace needed 1 Nephi 11:17

I love this work! I truly do and the joy and change it brings to the teacher and the hearer. The love of work is success and I have been blessed to see much through out my mission as the Lord uses us as a tools in his hand. I love being a missionary and I love this eternal purpose! Love you all thank you for your letters and support.

Love Elder Lunt!

P.S. Elder Jowers is still great and I love him! 

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