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Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 92. Preparation and Opportunity

Dear family and friends,
Every week I seem to find myself in the same situation as I try to write a letter summarizing all that I have experienced in a week of service like this. We were blessed to see an incredible women act as the head of the family and be baptized. Her family will follow her example and many others whom we have taught this transfer. 

The foundation has been laid for so many and we will never be able to fully congnizant of the influence we have had on people. I take confidence in knowing that many will have full access to the Atonement of Christ through baptism next transfer and transfers to come because of our efforts.

This last week I have thought much about the importance of preperation through pondering, prayer and scricpture study. That preperation can be for any event, lesson or task in life. However comes in most amenity when we face the challenges or trials that seemed so fare off or non existant. Prepation and perseverance go hand and hand. When we have adequatly prepared we know why we stay the course and how, our agency is activated and our faith becomes a principle of action and power. 

Admist the trials of a mission, this transfer and life, I would say it is among the basics of the gospel that help me navigate the epicenter of the storms of life, solve the problem and there find peace and solace. 

I have learned much about observing, listening and then acting. I feel that those items listed in of themselves are forms of preperation and as I do so with sincerity and love then I can emmulate the "stature of Christ" often mentioned in the New Testament. I better understand my role in teaching and bringing the Holy Ghost into the venue. 

We know that it is our purpose to bring the Holy Ghost "unto their hearts" and those whom we teach then choose to bring it "into their hearts". Although the former is often more attainable than the latter,I realize we can preparing the those whom we teach to bring the the Holy Ghost into their hearts. We do so by three simple steps, inviting, enticing and identifying. As I have followed this pattern in teaching there has been a new influence and light that has come upon the investigator as they realize and accept the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Thank you, love you all

Elder Lunt

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 91. All good things

Dear family and friends,

      Great week! This last week we met many great people who are progressing investigators and who are the answer to many of our prayers--finding the elect. As we put those first who put us first, preparation met opportunity. The spirit was tangible in our lessons carrying the message "into the hearts" of the people as we carried it "unto their hearts" and they accepted.

 There was a resolute change in our lessons and the way that people responded as they did so under the influence of the spirit. Initially it starts with the small and simple things by which great things are brought to pass (Alma 37);prayer of faith, obedience, adequate preparation and foresight and then I would say simply having faith in those we teach.

I was reminded and amazed this last week as I saw many people in many different circumstances and environments not believe they could receive an answer or do all of the work expected to receive an answer or change. We saw miracles as they changed by the end of the lesson because of our faith in them, reaffirming that their conversion is much more dependent on our faith than it is theirs.(Ether 12:4)

Elder Porcelli is doing great and I learn much from him. I have a love and respect for him that is beyond words. I know my wife will thank him one day for all that he has taught me for about exuding love, joy and appreciation. We have had a great transfer together and look forwarding to ending strong. Great disciple of Christ and a man I love.

Each week I feel like I receive that "grace by grace" that the scriptures speak so prevalently about. Lately I have been "considering the lilies of the field", taking it all it and envisioning eternal perspective, observing and listening to the spirit. After a great interview with President Carlson I came out with stronger connection and acquisition to always have that spirit present. Such an asset and opportunity in our lives if we let that third member of the Godhead work as that cleansing agent through obedience, revelation received then acted upon. 

Acting upon every good thing brings more revelation and confers upon us full access to the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The change is evident in myself and others as I have sought to act in confidence on every good thing. Anything good is of God. (Moroni 7:13) Having the spirit is a blessing but following the spirit by acting on all good things brings the light, inspiration and change we all seek for in life and the blessings it brings will be much more immediate. Mosiah 2:24 

I thank all of you for changing these people's lives and for your love an support. I love you all!

Elder Lunt

Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 90

Dear family and friends,

Happy Valentines Day! Hard to believe 2 years ago today I came home from basic training. The statement of Jacob from the Book of Mormon "time passed away with us and also our lives passed away like if it was unto a dream" seems more surreal everytime I have a moment of reflection and ever real on my mission. How grateful I am for this time I have been given.

 This entire last week I was with an Armenian missionary as Elder Porcelli was down with sickness in Yerevan. He seems to be doing better. I pray for him and his health. 

 I learned and grew much, as much opposition and testing came. Sometimes it felt that the only attribute I have developed on my mission is perserverance but as I talk a step back I realize the eternal growth and the tangiable evidence of the Atonement in my life. It was a great opportunity to emmulate the Character of Christ and turn outward in the midst of trials and constant grind. 

"Oh wretched man that I am". As Nephi stated at low point in his life. comforting to know that Nephi understood the importance of humility and the capability to be changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.(2 Nephi 4) Recongnizing the love of God in his life and the need for change Nephi essentially asks for a change of nature. 

This principle of our will becoming the Father's through the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is one that continues to change my life. I am grateful for this gift from our eldest brother and the love and perfect unity of the Godhead.

The biggest miracles this last week were the ones within ourselves.The short term missionary (Narek) and I had many neat faith building experiences of obedience and love. 

There are many investigators that will be baptized one day as a result of our interactions with them. There are a few that have understood, applied, and now are ready for the waters of baptism. We have done our best in activating agency and being epistles of the Lord. After every test,trial or detour on our path of discipleship, It is a blessing to be able to say "I know in whom I have trusted". 

I love you all, thank you.

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 89 "Grace to grace"

Dear family and friends,
This last week was full of ups and downs as my companion is down with some type virus nothing chronic but he will be down for a few days until he gets feeling better he will be with an office couple. Elder Porcelli is such a good guy and taking it all well. I went out as much as I could this last week and did work, that is as much as members would stay with him and the other go with me to do missionary work. I had a lot of time to think inside and reflect about what I need to do different, predominately for those I serve but also for my future. 

It was a special time to receive needed revelation from Heavenly Father. . As I have been saddened to miss opportunities being inside this scripture has brought me comfort.." All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence"- DC 93:30 .There is opportunity in whatever circumstance or sphere we are placed in, it has become surreal to me as I try to find what those opportunities are by acting in every sphere or circumstance that I am placed in. Specifically that sphere out of my influence.

As we did our best this past week the Lord did the rest and more. We were blessed to met with many people and have great spirit filled lessons and almost just as many lessons as we do regularly with out illness. The investigators are progressing and each has been blitzed by the opposing force as they come closer to their baptismal dates. It has been sad to see some fall because of the trails but so beautiful to see the triumph of the investigators that let their trials mold and shape them as they rely on the Lord and take the step of faith without seeing the whole staircase. 

Observing these people's progression from a third person view and compared to the prevalence of time on a 24 hour perspective, our meetings during the week are occasional, giving them infusions of truth and guidance and fostering their connection to the Light of Christ. They are much further exposed to the dimming, distracting and disabling shouts of the world. I would imagine is a lot like our Father in Heaven who allows us to learn and choose for ourselves, is saddened by our choices or rejoices when we do things His way. If we choose to do it His way and draw to that light we are given than that spirit that converts will always overpower the one that diverts. All of us going from "grace to grace" until we can receive of His fullness DC 93:13

I love you all, I apologize for the length of this letter I pray for you, fast for you and love you!

Elder Lunt

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 88 His work, His way

Dear family and friends,

All is well...I am at an awesome point in my mission when I can focus all of my energy and attention on the people I serve and serve with. This last week was the tipping point for this transfer, as many investigators made the decision to be baptized and put in the effort accompanying that decision. 

These people are incredible and impress me every day. The members are more than behind us as we work with them and establish the church here. Bishop loves us like his sons and he is escatic about missionary work. He is squared away and understands the importance of personal ministry. He has great realtionships with all the invesigators and we are holding a ward dinner Saturday night and fasting together for missionary work this coming Sunday.

I testify of what you already know, that this is the Lord's work and he hastens it in his own time. He most often hastens our progression when all else seems to be stagnent and dull if we let Him do so. To briefly illustrate this... A lady we met on a bus is going to be baptized with her son soon. Why? Because we talked to her. A family is going to be baptized soon that found us from one of the thousands of pamphlets we give.  They called us...  Why? Because we gave someone, somewhere a pamphlet. A man that has met with missionaries before came up to one of the members and said "I am ready to meet with your boys".  

Now  I can't fully explain the why of all these miracles and many more, however, I can say that if we had not talked to these people or given that one person a pamphlet or maybe asked for referrals in the past from that particular member that arranged our meeting with his friend, these things would not have been and lives and potential would go unchanged and untapped,

What I am saying is that these last 6 weeks have had their fair share of highs and lows during all of this time we were exhausted and at times saddened by all of the dissapointments or interference of others. However, I feel that so many people throw in the towel right as they are about to hit knock out. Sometimes it just takes going a little bit longer, a little bit harder, doing a bit more, remembering that this is His work and it will be done his way. Ideally and certainly more joyful together the work or our eternal progression will always be hastened if we but turn to Him and do it His way.

As we were asked this week why we are on a mission my mind thought of our missionary purpose that clearly states the why of and the how of our ministry. That is why I am here. However, more personalized I would say my reason for being on a misson is to give others full access to the Atonement and Godliness. 

I allude to Mosiah chapter 14 whenever I feel like I am alone and like know one understands. I remebering reading this chapter one day and this was after a particular hard week. Many shattered hopes and goals as people used their agency. I remember reading and I heard a voice come into my  mind echoing "you think I don't know"?  I continued reading on and felt Christ's and God the Father's encompassing and surreal love for each of us. Such an experience is difficult to fully describe but was powerful and life changing. The Atonement is real both the reedeming and enabling power. They love us. I love them that is my manifesto.

We are doing great Just enjoying every moment. I don't fear going home, but I will miss this chapter of life. This sounds monotonous, but I love this time, this service and these people. Comparatively I would be nothing with out all of this growth under gone and life lessons learned, and people in my life. All of which that comes from doing His work His way. Thank you for all that you do and the consistent example that you set. 

 Love Elder Lunt