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Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 63

Dear family and friends,
Shout out to my Dad! The best man I know! Happy birthday! YEAHH!!!!

This last week was great! With another baptism and a few more coming up soon we realize how blessed we are. Especially as we have been out of our area so much planning for Mission Leadership council, conferences and other training, we notice the Lord makes up the difference. We spent a lot of time this past week on our knees as a companionship as to what we needed to change and implement depending on the needs of the mission. We counselled about following the spirit and we narrowed it down to 3 needs of the mission. Teaching for conversion, finding the elect and paying the price or as the scriptures say "magnifying the office of our calling". I was privileged to conduct the meeting, and we all felt like because of the preparation put into it, on both sides that It was a great council and a lot of changes were implemented, the purpose and vision was clear as to what we needed to do and the spirit was present.

I continue to love these people much more even those who don't love us. A year ago this was something that would have seemed foreign to me. I am grateful for that change that the Lord has blessed me with. I talked a lot about desire in the weekly letter to the mission this week, and lately I have been thinking about how much Elder Jowers and I want to find elect people to teach! It is our biggest desire and we will do anything for it! 

Jacob 2:2 anxiously engaged, I feel like my companion and I are always out of our comfort zone to the point where being out of our comfort zone becomes comfortable. That is something my Mom taught me when I got a call from her during Advanced Individual training in the army. Harnessing the pressure or anxiety of a situation to motivate and drive you rather than the usual effect it has on an individual. Elder Jowers and I are doing great! We get a long very well and see eye to eye on just about everything! He is a great missionary and a great man, we work hard and have a fun time together, overall it is just a great time! There is a difference between a companion and a brother, and we were able to reach that brotherhood level pretty fast, I will always be grateful for that and this time together!

I am doing great! Obviously we have our disappointments, however the pros always outweigh the cons by far. I love being a missionary and I want so badly to find elect people who want the gospel. I come home every night knowing I gave my best, as I confide in the Lord and account to him I know what to do better the next day and then I do it. Like I said earlier, I have never wanted anything more in my life for such an eternal purpose than I do and feel right. I know that the Lord will answer our prays and we will be able to see the blessings of Alma 26:22 come to pass.

I love you all and I am grateful for you and your examples. You all play a part in this great work. I am grateful for my wonderful parents and the love and patience that they have showed me. I am grateful for my experiences, my past, and all that I have been through to be who I am right now. The Lord always has a plan for all of us, a plan of which is greater and more grand than we can imagine. I love you all and pray for you everyday. Thank you for all the emails and for you love and support!

Elder Lunt

(Letter to the missionaries)

Dear Missionaries,

This last week has been revelatory for us as a mission. Your zone leaders will talk about the items discussed during mission leadership council tomorrow, for that reason we will keep this letter relatively short.

  "For know that he granteth unto men according to their desirewhether it be unto deator unto life"Alma 29:4 . "Desire is the starting point of all achievement" and God will always give us what we desire. It is our task in life to desire the right things.

Recently we have been discussing what paying the price as a mission entails for us with the goals we have set as a mission. Keep in mind as the Zone leaders discuss this tomorrow that It is so much more than reaching a goal of baptisms for the year. It is about spreading the love of God unto his children, the most desirable thing unto the children of men. It is about the "welfare of souls".

It goes back to our missionary purpose the core of it all and why we do what we do. We need to ask ourselves the same question that the Spirit asked Nephi in his vision of the tree of life "what desirest thou"?  What do we want, why, and how bad do we want it? Real intent- what are we willing to do after we receive revelation?

 Later in this same chapter an angel tells Nephi "what is most desirable above all things1 Nephi11:22 . He reminds us the core principle of what we teach everyday and what missionary work is founded upon, the Love of God for the welfare of souls. As your zone leaders prepare and teach tomorrow please think of what we are going to do as a mission to pay the price together, to desire what the Lord wants above all. Only then will we see the blessings of Alma 26:22

We love you and look forward to seeing you this week.

Love Elder Lunt and Jowers

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