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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coming home letter

We received this letter from President and Sister Carlson this morning (Elder Lunt's mission president and wife)


Elder Brian Lunt will soon complete his missionary service in the Armenia Yerevan

Mission. He has been a wonderful missionary who served with distinction and great
love for the Lord. He has served so faithfully and obediently. He has been exemplary
in every way; we could say to any missionary, watch Elder Lunt and do exactly as he
does. We would like to share some thoughts about him: The moment we met Elder Lunt, we knew he would be a leader. We considered making him a leader before he was even trained. He was so well prepared. He trained a new missionary right out of his own training. He served as a District Leader, on two different occasions, and then spent almost half of his mission as an Assistant to the President. He has accepted every assignment given him, and most recently has served as a Branch President. They say the secret to missionary work is work, and Elder Lunt is the poster child of knowing how to work. He was determined to serve each day to the fullest. He realized how valuable the Lord’s time is, and was determined to give all he had to invite and help others come unto Christ. Our mission will be forever blessed as he helped us to be better at planning by instituting continuous planning throughout the day, cluster planning to make the best use of time, and making each hour of each day count to helping others progress. The way he worked with members and leaders also paved the way for other missionaries to follow his example. His consecrated effort resulted in much success in every area of missionary work. It didn’t matter what area of the Mission he served in, soon that area was baptizing and reactivating more than any other area. We wish that every one of our missionaries
could have had the chance to serve with him. He relies on the Lord, trusts him
completely, and goes to work to make it happen. We know his mission has changed him forever and as he continues to develop Christlike attributes, the Spirit will continue to work with and mold him and he will continue to change the world for good.
And so we send him back now, to your watchful care. Returning to “civilian life” can
be both wonderful and challenging. We hope he will be put right to work and enjoy
Institute and Young Single Adults. He has been given a Temple Recommend that, according to instructions will expire in 90 days after he returns home. It gives him a good reason to be in close contact with the leaders at home. All of the principles and habits he has learned the past two years will prepare him to use his unique gifts and talents to continue to build the Kingdom. We know he will be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. We have been the recipients of his love and will be forever thankful for the chance to serve with him. We are really going to miss him! We love him, the Lord loves him, and he loves the Lord and has served Him well.

President and Sister Carlson

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Return with Honor"

Elder Brian Taylor Lunt will be returning from Armenia, after serving for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! His homecoming will be held 
Sunday, MAY 29, 2016 at 11am. (THIS SUNDAY!)

Church address: 
1120 North 400 West 
American Fork, Utah 84003

There will be a luncheon at the Lunt Home following the meeting

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 104 - "Many are Called, But Few are Chosen" -Matt. 22:14 - LAST EMAIL FROM THE MISSION!-

Dear family and friends,
Here it is, the week of weeks. As it always does for happy missionaries, the time seems to "pass away like as it were unto us a dream". (Jacob 7:26)
The people, the experiences, the miracles, the trials, the joy, the sorrow, and everything in between culminates a beautiful tapestry of life experience, practical knowledge and unshakable testimony. I cannot begin to express my love, joy and gratitude for my Father in heaven, His son Jesus Christ, the people and these once in a lifetime experiences. 

Two years ago I thought about what I would do to become the man that God wanted me to be. I thought with anxiety about what kind of missionary I would become, how I would become and more pressing, when? I entered the MTC on a small testimony of prayer and Christ's Atonement with a desire to fully desire God's will. In the words of  Lawrence E Corbridge and under the influence of the spirit I found answers that suppressed my fears and lead to my happiness and success as a missionary, unconditional surrender...

This past week was one of miracles and one to be remembered. I have learned much about leadership and how to lead with the balance of discretion and discernment, power and humility, love and boldness. It is going to be hard saying bye to so many people that I love and consider family. They do not want me to go. Leaving them is a bitter sweet reality that is slowly unfolding. As I sat in my last Sacrament meeting in Armenia serving in this capacity, I leaned over to my first counselor and whispered "this is my last time singing with you." He silently broke down and I may or may not have teared up a bit.

We were blessed to have over 115 people at church. It was a great Sunday to go out on. A blessing of this magnitude I attribute first to the Lord and then to the smooth communication of the branch council auxiliaries and the righteousness of the people. "Cleanse the inner vessel", Moroni's words ring true on every account, and as we have been blessed by revelation to change leadership in Armenia the Lord's predicted blessings have followed.

Elder Kacher (of the seventy) with President Carlson came to our branch for church. In Elder Kacher's words...

President Carlson :Let me share with you a portion of an email he sent to the other members of the area presidency about his experience in church today.

Elder Kacher: "I attended the Artashat Branch this morning. A missionary is the branch president. We walked in a few minutes before the meeting was to start. There was a feeling of reverence as the prelude music was playing. The entire branch presidency was sitting reverently on the stand. The first talk by a BP councilor (Armenian) was a wonderful talk on repentance. A YW next gave a short talk on the restoration. It was very impressive. The sacrament was passed orderly and reverently.To me it said that if we can find worthy leaders the work will move forward."

The concluding speaker was Elder Kacher (of the seventy). As I translated for him and matched my tone, pitch, and emotion with his, I noticed the same spiritual power and light beaming from him, flow through  me. What an attribute to posses, a conduit and source for spiritual power and light. He gave a powerful address. A perfect duo of love and "reproving with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love." Definitely an experience that I will not forget. I could not think of a better last Sunday.

As I have thought briefly about living after the manner of happiness, eternal progression and how to continue to rise from one plane of conversion to the next now and after my full time service, I was surprised by the plainness of Mosiah 1:7 as King Benjamin speaks to his sons in regard to searching the scriptures.

 7 I would that ye should remember to search them diligently, that ye may profit thereby; and I would that ye should keep the commandments of God, that ye may prosper in the land according to the promises which the Lord made unto our fathers.
Four words stood out to me here in brief response to the question of continual conversion. Remember, keep, prosper, and promise. You could say the first two apply more to us in what most of us hopefully do each day and Sunday, "always remember him, and second keep His commandments preparatory to keeping covenants. "I the Lord am bound if ye do what I say." If we do so, then we not only prosper in all areas of life but we are accompanied by the many promises of  the Lord that come subsequent to uncertainty, trials and adversity.

Matt. 24;14 "Many are called, few are chosen." In closing of my closing I want to express my love for these people and all my companions, my love for this service and the blessings that flow from it. And my love for my family. I could not have had a better mission. I could not ask for more. I gave it everything I had and more. If there is one principle that has changed my life more than anything, enabled and redeemed. It is the same answer that I received that day in the MTC. Accessing the power of Christ's Atonement by Unconditionally surrendering our will to His. Unconditionally surrendering our will to His that we may be perfected, enabled and redeemed through his matchless power. You see, I was a missionary, I was called, but I was not chosen until I made a supplication before heaven and said " Father, I don't desire all that you desire right now, but I do desire to desire...I do desire to always desire your will. I give you all that I am, was and ever will be. Take it all, make of me a new self in thine image, whatever you want take it, after all it is not mine to give."

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 103 "Upon the rock of our Redeemer"

Dear family and friends,

We are doing well. I apologize for the length of this email. However, you have a pretty good idea of what is going on and I will make up for the lack of next week. I love these people and I love the opportunities I have to serve at this capacity and learn. 

Much has changed and been magnified in my life, with all humilty and dependancy on Christ I feel comfortable saying that I feel powerful and capable in all endeavours. With increased apptittude to draw from this source, the blessings and predicted conviction flows.

 I have been blessed with revelation and divine guidance to help the members of the branch by building upon the rock of our Reedemer. (Helaman 5:12) Specifically, the meaning that this takes is in each person by humbling themselves before Christ and centering our lives on His. 

Each indivdual makes up the whole, or in reference to this scripture, each rock make us the foundation on which we are to build, the Rock of our Reedemer. Secondly, most of these members have understood that this takes priority over rebuilding a stake and as we follow the principles of Christ a stake will naturally become a reality in the future.


Elder Lunt

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 102 - "Straightaway knowing Him"

Dear family and friends,
Happy Mother's day to all! Mom I love you and thank you for all that I am and will become.  Always a great and eventful week here in Artashat, Armenia. By now many of you have heard about the changes in Armenia regarding the evanescence of the Stake to a district.

 From some of the feedback I have heard, I fear that some skeptics are making this out to be more than it really is. Even being at the epicenter of some the turmoil, I would say It is a good thing and many of us have seen positive changes. 

I want to reiterate the same thing I said to my branch on Sunday, that this is not man's work, therefore it will not be done man's way, it will be done His way, in His timing. Sometimes Heavenly Father allows us to play in the sandbox --as man's progression is paramount to Him--until, the righteous receive further instruction, "grace for grace, revelation upon revelation and light upon light" or contrary, the wicked"ripen to a fullness of iniquity"and consequently, then swept off. 

In essence, we are building upon the rock of our redeemer, a solid foundation, "a foundation whereon if men are built they cannot fall." (Helaman 5:12) To put an end to the antagonistic claims we are going forward not backward, as this is His work, currently being done His way, being built upon the rock of our Redeemer.

This last week my love and respect for the Armenian race intensified. I spent some time with a solid Elder (Elder Larsen) on an exchange in his area. Within his area boundaries, we visited the remote part of southern Armenia (Vayk), and met some of the most humble, generous lovable people I have ever rubbed shoulders with.There were many investigators we barely knew and they took us in and treated us like kings, with barbecues and there willingness to listen to our message. 

The members in this area are small in size but large in spiritual stature. Quality over quantity, makes itself know as the few members in this small town preach the gospel with "full purpose of heart".

Elder Peterson is doing great. I learn from him everyday and I admire his composure and ability to see things and people in the perspective of eternity. We are doing great together. The area is still on a high with some sewing and much reaping to come. Artashat is a strong branch and consistently holds up to over a 100 members in church. We are working hard to establish the church and give all the opportunity of a lifetime.

I am doing well. Truly, I am savoring every moment. Smooth or course every situation is an opportunity to learn, progress and mature, simultaneously helping others to do the same. I have been called as the Branch President of Artashat and I have enjoyed all of that entails and the opportunity for powerful ministry in each of the member's lives. 

To allude back to a scripture in Mark 6  I shared a few weeks ago of Jesus Christ calming the storm. Referred to in V:48 "would have passed by them, and considering not the miracles of the loaves (V:52)" compared to the conclusion of this miracle in V:51 "When they were come out of the ship, straight way they knew Him" (v:54). 

The comparable difference between the disciple's response in verse 51 and there actions in V:54  in such a short duration of time is intriguing to me. In similitude, the biggest thing I learned this last week is that there are trials in life, storms, tempests, and adversity that seem an unconquerable feat. Adversity illuminated by faith in Jesus Christ becomes a catalyst for growth, a vehicle for personal development and an adventure. With this added perspective from each experience or trial we come out like the disciples of old "straightaway knowing him".

Thank you,


Elder Lunt

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Sunday

It was incredible talking to Elder Lunt yesterday on Mother's Day. It was the longest amount of time we have been able to talk to him, while keeping a good connection. He is doing wonderful! We are counting down the days until his arrival!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weel 101 - Change in the air

Dear family and friends,

We have seen many blessings this past week. Many people's lives are changing and the blessings of living the gospel becomes a reality and tagible within the dispositon and lives of these people. There is much to be happy about and much to rejoice in. 

I love these people and strive to display such love by serving with my all of my heart, might, mind and strength. Our compionship continues to fire on all cylinders and we find many great people daily and work towards broadening our influence for good daily. 

Elder Peterson is doing great and I continue to learn from him and love him. We are teaching a lot of families right now and many of them are progressing rapidly. Like I said earlier, there is much to be grateful for. 

With many people found this last week, we had a great opportunity to try new teaching styles to more fully rely on Him in His work. We were pleasently suprised as many people changed upon the attainment of knowledge. In many cases we say within the course of a 45 min meeting people's eyes and ears opened to the Holy Ghost and lives infused with purpose and meaning as many had a clear choice between the eternal ultimatum of real and enduring happiness.

Sorry for the length of this email. Because of the stake becoming a district, there has been a lot more placed on us. I will get back to you on the details for skype this Sunday.

Love you all!

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 100 - "Would have passed by them" Mark 6:48

Dear family and friends,

Another converted family to the gospel of Jesus Christ baptized and preparing for the temple. I feel that the Lord is hastening his work more than ever and the blessings are showing in every facet. With all of the recent blessings, miracles, and possible trials ahead of us, diverting our thoughts and attention on the miracles around us rather than the storm in front of us has been a fundamental componet of grattitude and faith. These passages of scripture have always had a special place in my heart as they illustrate a myriad of life long principles worth learning and following. 

Mark 6:48 "And he saw them toiling in rowing; for the wind was contrary unto them: and about the fourth watch of the night he cometh unto them, walking upon the sea, and would have passed by them.

49 But when they saw him walking upon the sea, they supposed it had been a spirit, and cried out:

 50 For they all saw him, and were troubled. And immediately he talked with them, and saith unto them, Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid.

51 And he went up unto them into the ship; and the wind ceased: and they were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure, and wondered.

 52 For they considered not the miracle of the loaves: for their heart was hardened."

I firmly believe that the Lord Jesus Christ walks the path of discipleship with his disciples, through both calm waters and ragging stoms. He is with us much more than we realize. Wether this be through His Holy Ghost or the people we love, He is there. Through a habit of prayer, constant communion and the apex of intelligence by pondering the "miracles of the loaves", in other words the daily influence he has in our lives, I feel confident in saying that unconsumated miracles, opportunities and the source of all power does not pass us by like it almost did the disciples in the storm.

One year ago in my first interview with you as an assistant, I asked President Carlson if he could change one thing in the mission what would it be. Intrestingly enough in a casual conversation coming home from Georgia just weeks before my last transfer as an assistant concluded, I asked the same question and was suprised by the same answer.

"Every missionary to understand how to rely on The Lord Jesus Christ, and stop trying to do missionary work on their own." This was his short but profound answer. As I was looking over Elder Kacher's notes and handouts from his meeting I still get the impression that we missionaries are still trying to do to much on our own. I speak by voice of experience, that we try to rely to much on our own skill, apptitude and experience when we more often than not forget who really converts, who touches and changes hearts and who establishes the church. I say what you already know, that only through Jesus Christ's Atonement, both reedeming and enabling power can we rise up, become and establish the church.

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 99 - Consecration by collaboration

Dear family and friends,
What a week! Lives changed, opportunities given and agency activated. Although I can not write all the minute details that each week consists of, it is often the small things that we appreciate the most when present. I love the feeling of waking up everyday knowing that I am "going about the Father's business". The divine purpose of bringing to pass the Lord's will of "immortality and eternal life of all men" invigorates each day with meaning and joy and love. 

Elder Peterson and I are doing well. The investigators are doing well and the miracle family will be living up to their title within the next week or two. Elder Peterson is a great missionary and we have a great time together. I am learning from him just the right things at just the right time in my mission. The ward council is doing great and the divinity facilitated by communication, accountability and unity has brought great revelation and results. 

The Divine council... To live up to such a title can be almost instant for some wards as others before us have sowed the price. Reaching divinity in most cases, includes longer than just a few weeks or even transfer cycles of missionaries that may never enjoy the shade of the seeds they planted. However, establishing the church isn't that small of a task either. But great things are brought about by great means. 

The body follows the head. Elder Ballard's statement rings to be true on every level, "councils are the most effective way to get real results, and are the Lord's way". The divine ward council is the head of the body of members throughout Armenia. To see real results in establishing the church, there must be a real council transcending into real action. 

We see temporal and spiritual results of a divine council in every way as ward members learn to emulate the example of their leaders in "imparting of their substance both temporally and spiritually that there may be no poor among them". They do so as they take hold of their primary responsibility of retaining and reactivating. Likewise, establishing the church through a divine council by continual counselling has lead to greater revelation and changes in the way we work, or in other words "hard work and smart work". Continual counseling and the manner of thinking to establish the church through a divine council is a foundation, means, and catalyst for something greater.

1 Timothy 6:18- That they do good, be rich in good works, ready to distribute, and willing to communicate.
19- Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, they may lay hold on eternal life.

"There is absolutely no point in doing missionary work unless we hold on to the fruits of that effort. The two must be inseparable". Finding, teaching, and baptizing is under the direction of the mission president while retaining and reactivating is under the direction of the bishop. But these two must be inseparable? With the direction of the work under two different bodies of leadership there is a natural margin for dissonance.

We believe that the fundamental purpose of all of this counseling and talk of divinity has been to merge the work of mission president's finding, teaching, baptizing, and bishop's/ward council's retaining and reactivating into one work. Two different bodies of leadership through congruence of the ward council and missionaries creating a venue to establish the church. This has been facilitated by weekly planning through the ward council.

One of Elder Kacher's commitments he left us and our councils, was every Sunday have the bishop hand out names of those in need of strengthening to each council member. More often than not, us missionaries try to activate and reactivate without the help of the ward council. And in the rare case that the ward council is fulfilling their primary responsibilities of activation and retaining then those efforts are not communicated.

Consecrate our performance--This past week we met with each member of the ward council and prepared them with information from chapter 13 for comprehension of "the doctrine". We asked each member of one active member they would like to visit (other than their home teaching assignments) the upcoming week--covering retaining-- and likewise one less active members. Each member of the ward council has an active member to strengthen and a less active to reactivate and clear instruction from the bishop to communicate with us their visits.  9 members of our council, each with two people (one active one less active) to visit, in the realm of retaining and reactivating our week is planned for the next week and efforts collaborated.

 "The work of proclaiming the gospel will move forward more powerfully when full-time missionaries and members coordinate their efforts and work in unity together". This took preparation beforehand with every member of the council especially the bishop as it all came from him. Counseling, like faith, is a principle of action. Combined efforts of members and missionaries in the ward council by weekly planning in the council has been the apex for continual counselling and a divine council. It is all one work, not one laborer, but only one work, when we all become laborers.

Thank you, 

Elder Lunt

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 98 - Supposed Him to be The Gardener

Dear family and friends,

I hope you had a great conference weekend and walked away with more than you came. The transparency of the words spoken not only segwayed into my personal conversion but underlined the things that really matter in life and reshuffled priorities and goals. 

With opportunity to practice what we preach, we went to appointments right after our viewing. The spiritual power and divine guidance was immediate. The difference was contrast as the spirit repleted the envoirnment with exuberance and clarity for us and the listener.

In my service of almost two years now I have come to learn that some of the most magnificent miracles are often times the easiest ones to miss. Through out the New Testament countless visions and manifestations of Christ were so common that sometimes the disciples and even Mary when "she supposed Him to be the gardener" following his resurrection didn't recongnize Christ. This has direct revelance in each of our lives. 

A few days ago we had one of these affirmation like experiences that we didn't fully comprehend until the moment and even later that day. Were lost in a part of town looking for a recent convert's home. We spent about an hour looking and couldn't find his home. With no means of communication with this particular member we decided to keep looking a bit longer. With increased seraching and decreased patience, we came into a certain part of town that I seemed to recongnize and remembered a women's home in the area who was baptized within the last year. We decided to visit this women instead while we happen to be in the area.

Unexpected, we knocked on their door. Her daughter (a faithful member) answered and invited us in to find this women draped on the couch with rags on her head. We talked to her and she said that she was having stroke like sypmtoms and was about to call 911. My companion and I looked at one another and made the instant unspoken connection. We acted and offered a priesthood blessing. At the close of the blessing this women sprung up and immediately was her old cheerful self. This women cried and was thankful for the immediate answer to her prayers thorugh us. We all shared this experience together and I didn't realize the magnitude of the Holy Ghost's divine guidance unil later with pondering in prayer.

The chruch is being established in Artashat Armenia. We see temporal and spiritual results of a divine council in every way. As ward members learn how to emmulate the example of their leaders in imparting of their substance and take part in retaining and reactivating efforts. Investigators baptized these past few days are forming strong realtionships with the ward members and leaders. Establishing the church through a divine council by continual counselling has lead to greater revelation, changes in missionary work and blessings in our area. A divine council has been paramount to the progress.

Elder Peterson is doing well and I learn much from his example of Christ-like meekness and humility. I have much to learn and accquire and he has much to give. Every companionship is insipired. I love and appreciate him in all regards.

The blessings continue to flow in every imaginable way. Much has changed and been magnified in my life, with all humilty and dependancy on Christ I feel comfortable saying that I feel powerful and capable in all endeavours. With increased apptittude to draw from His source, the blessings and predicted conviction flows.

Thank you, 

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 97 - More than a feeling

Dear family and friends,

Another incredible week! We are being blessed in more ways than just the work and we are enjoying every moment with these wonderful people. This last week a man named prominent man named Haykaz was baptized. He had been coming to our church every Sunday for the last 8 years. What changed his heart? The spirit brought by The Book of Mormon.There is an evident power in then Book of Mormon imparted into the lives of the honest seeker of truth when read and acted upon.

Things continue to heat up and the work hastens as another family member of a part member family will be baptized this upcoming Saturday. The son Stiopa was baptized 2 weeks ago, daughter already a member and the real missionary in this scenario, and their Mom is going to be baptized this Saturday. Within the week, this family will be complete and ready for the Temple in due time.

The miracle family is going strong and will make it to baptism. They continue to amaze me and I learn much from their example and steadfastness. Many other prospects for baptism are preparing and making the necessary steps for preparation.

The ward is incredible, self sufficient and together we cover all 5 areas of missionary work. Finding, teaching, baptizing, retaining and reactivating have become one and the laborers many. 

Divinity is a steep objective in any venue, but so is our progress. Continual counseling helps us achieve this divinity. Continual counseling --and the manner of thinking to establishing the church through a divine council--- is a catalyst for something greater...A divine council. Just as simple as continual planning was in refabricating planning. Continual counseling and the mindset of a divine council has influenced how we work in every aspect of the work. Clearly stated, we have found the doctrine behind it is establishing the church through a divine council. 

Elder Peterson and I are doing great! We get along great and we persist in striving for divinity in our companionships. He is a great man and there is much to be learned from him. The opportunities are endless in every situation. I am grateful for this time and these many blessings.

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 96 - Divine councils

Dear family and friends,

Happy Easter! Easter Sunday couldn't have been better spent as more than a dozen investigators came to Sacrament meeting and felt of the spirit of love, peace and belonging. I wish I could describe every miracle to the fullest, but because of the Spirit lead experiences in your life I don't need to. 

Hearts have been softened, potential recongnized and effectuated. The work is hastening in every form. Because of the Father, through the Holy Ghost, the foundation for the pinnacle of success is being laid by those nail driven hands of Him our brother Jesus Christ through us.

Elder Peterson is doing great. I love him and respect his peace and maturity. He has been sick this last week and seems to be tired a lot. I have been trying to help him communicate more so he feels my love and we attain that fullness of divinty. I am learning many things from him that will be of great benefit now and later in life.

I am doing great and the investigators are progressing rapidly and the sphere of our influence broadens daily. We were blessed to baptize a 13 kid (Stiopa; future missionary) and his Mom (stella) will be baptized on the 9th of April, with his sister already baptized, this family will be complete and ready for the temple in due time. 

The miracle family is going strong and they are all on board. Many others will be baptized this month and the work is at an all time high in the history of Artashat according to our bishop..He is funny. We have been privledged to work with a lot of the youth. Almost 20 youth came to an activity this last week in which we had a major part in and we had a great time throwing the football and walking to a famous old church (Khor vi rap). All of them want to come to meetings with us and be missionaries. The love is strong between the youth and us.

(The following is a continuation of conversation between president and I,sharing revelation concearing establishing the church through the ward council that has blessed our area and companionship and is shared for the benefit of the mission)

Divine Councils---In my humble oppinon establishing the church means establishing the ward council. However, preliminary to establishing the church we must "work out our own salvation" and "cleanse the inner vessel" of our companionshps. I believe that to have a dinive council we need to first be divine individuals and second have divine companionships. As each prefaces the other and can't surpass the one without the other then we can move to a higher plane of influence---divine councils.

Continual counciling persists in changing the way we do missionary work. Many immediate blessings surface as we are diligent about communicating, reporting, and collaborating our efforts daily with the respective auxiliary. I have come to the realization that the most successful principles applied in continual counciling are communication, accountabilitly and unity. These are the basis for divinity. 

These three principles are needed in any scenario where divinity is the goal especially something as intricate and vast as establishing the Chruch of Jesus Christ, divinity is the only successful option. Communication as we council, accountability as both parties do and report, and the spirit of unity as we work together. With all of these simulatneously exercised we become one as Christ commanded...We become a divine council.

D&C 104
12 That every man may give an account unto me [and each other] of the stewardship which is appointed unto him.
13 For it is expedient that I, the Lord, should make every man accountable, as a steward over earthly blessings

Chapter 13 in PMG states "retaining and reactivating are the Ward council's first responsiblity". Although, we assist in retention and reactivating frankly put---and I feel comfortable saying I speak for the majority---we do not do these two as frequent as finding teaching and baptizing and rightfully so, as long as the ward council is established. I agree that Finding, teaching, baptizing, reataining and reactivating is all one work but we are not one labourer. 

D&C 104:11 "Ye shall organize yourselves and appoint every man his stewardship". Members and specifically those of the ward council are mavens in the field of retaining and reacitvating as they know much more about the areas, people and past than we do. We know how to find teach and baptize as that is our area of expertise and they know whom to find teach baptize retain and reactivate. 

My observation is that only in the realm of unision does missionary work--finding, teaching, baptizing, retaining and reactivating---become one and the labourers many and we establish the Church by establishing the ward council. Divine councils have been the keystone of success.

Thank you,

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 95 - Fullness of Joy

Dear family and friends,

What a week! This last week the work went viral in every facet of the work. I would attribute a major portion of it to the unity and compatibility of our ward. We are of one mind and one heart as the scriptures portray. The leaders in our ward have embraced the mindset of continually counciling and the trust, love and correspondance has plorifirated.

 Ward council has become a mindset rather than a once a week event. Something so simple as communication---as Moroni would say---has "altered the management of affairs among [us]". It makes since as we think about how important companionship unity is and this principle of continual counciling takes unity to the next step in our ward councils to establishing the church through auxilaries, while simultaneously promoting self sufficiency and unity in our ward.

 After planning at night we call the auxillaries corresponding to those with whom we met that day and report to them the specific needs and progress of those we visited under their stewardship and specify that we are reporting, then empowering them by asking what they think needs to be done. 

This does many things that when implimented will be discovered and magnified. However, if I had to choose the three major assets of this I would say first member missionary correspondance, second, activates agency of the leadership by outlining specific ways to help those they serve and take part in missionary work, the last, and in my oppinion the most diverse, the communication and compatiblity of the members and missionaries merges finding, teaching, baptizing, retaining and reactiviating into all one work.

"You reap what you sow" , when all is said and if "this" works or not in any given ward, it will because of a missionary's and the ward council's diligence and willingness to experiment. I see time and time again that if we do the bare minimum or just what we think is good, The lord will give us the bare minimum or what He thinks is good. It is not until we do our all and give our all in a consentrated effort that we recieve all He has to give.

More often than not in missionary work we exert so much effort on trying to solve the "how" of accomplish a certain task or implimenting revelation-----understanding our purpose, christlike attributes, and lately establishing the church---- that we end up on a detour of extraneous solutions with almost little or not benefit. No wonder there is frustration with leadership at times. Simplicity...The idea of continual counciling is simple--- daily communication. I hope we can keep it that way. It doesn't answer all the questions or solve all the problems, nothing all at once ever will. However, it has done much good in our ward, and seems to be a very simple,clear, and specific way of establishing the church through auxilaires.

I can not explain the hundreth part of the tender mercies witnessed this last week. It has finally all come together. The area is on fire. The ward is firing on all cylinders and I am pleased to say would be just fine if missionaries had to leave Armenia. Our bishop along with most members is a great leader and understands the importance of personal ministy. The people we are teaching I feel in reality are teaching us and we learn so much from them. Elder Peterson and I couldn't be happier.

The miracle family...2 weeks ago Mher and I were on a bus going to a near by village. As always we talked to as many as would listen to us. We talked to a young single mother with her daughter and shared with them briefly about what we do and the blessings of forever families. We gave them a restoration pamphlet with our number and information on the back and like most people do, she said she would call. 

This past Tuesday we got a call from this lady and she said that she read "our book" and wanted to know more. Anxiously suprised we set up a time and visited her the next day. I didn't make the connection over the phone that it was this lady who we had talked to on the bus 2 weeks ago until we went to her home and met her and her children of 4. We started the lesson and she and all 4 of her kids (between ages 9-18) said they had read the book we had given them as a family. 

Elder Peterson and I at this point thought we would wake up from our dream at any moment, then the next words they said brought the spirit and confirmed the reality of this unique message to the world. "When we read as a family, we felt something so powerful and peaceful, we just had to call, what did we feel?

I wish I could fully portray through words of just how that meeting went with the miracle family and how every meeting since has gone. I testify of the divinity of this work and the results of faith in Jesus Christ through consistent effort. I know without a doubt what we share everyday is true. This family and 2 other families made up of 2 people are progressing so beautifullly. These 3 families all came to church and will be entering the waters of baptism these next several weeks.

I have been on my knees this last week much in offering my grattitude and joy that is full in the Lord and these people. If you want to know how we feel Ammon in Alma chapter 26 is the closest account in words that can depict the fullness of joy that comes from this work. My joy is truly full in the Lord and in these people. 

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 94 - Rising Tide

Dear family and friends,

We are doing great! Everything is coming together. This last week consisted of much as each week does. However there was a distinguishable change in the work because of the way we are working, that is hard and smart work. The basics for success in missionary work which protracts into life are "obedience to the gospel, faith in Christ and working hard and smart"-Elder Kacher. As we adapt and change the way we work---working smarter to work harder---- the results are tangible. Ephasis on the members has changed the game. This last week we closed the final gaps on missionary/ member correspondance. 

We have done so by visiting members more often and finding the elect through them. I have noticed something very unique that is often over looked but eventually leads to the success or unfulfilled potential of an area. That is there is a network among members. They are the mavens of information , data banks, specific for each area. A network that we can barely tap into before our time in each area expires. They know who the active members are, the less active members, the part member families and the potentials. They have answers to most all the questions. The problem I have noticed is this...Members in most of Armenia don't see opportutnties and potential like us missionaries do. This leaves unconsummated potential.

The game changer for us has been missionary/member correspondance. We have been able to tap into this network of information of part member families, less actives and more with a variety of methods. However the biggest asset has been working through auxillaries (Elder's quorum pres, relief society pres, ward council) by reporting our progress. We report specific progress and needs of those we visit to the corresponding auxiiary and we specify that we are reporting to them. Not only has this involved members in missionary work, it has opened the lines of communiaction making ward council an on going mindset rather than just a once a week event. This has worked wonders for us and helped members better understand their role and take a part in their calling and missionary work. 

We are doing very well! Elder Peterson and I get along well and we have a fun time. He is a great guy and we balance each other out well, we make a good team. As mentioned above, things are coming together. The work in taking off through the members (about time). We have been blessed to meet many incredible people this last week. We found many great part member families that are progressing very well. It is amazing to see the progress of others as they start the journey of discipleship. Many people will be baptized in these next few weeks, and the Lord is doing wonderful things through us.

As I was pondering a few nights ago, I was amazed with all that I have been blessed with through the Lord. As I sat in silence I was humbled to my knees by the gratitude I felt for our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their three distinct but yet unanimous roles in my personal conversion. Words can not describe how grateful I am for them and their patience with us. I am blessed to be apart of this gospel and even more fortunate to be sharing it. I endorse the words of Matthew 10:39 as I have become living evidence and of the Atonement of Jesus Christ both redeeming and enabling power. I truly love these people. I love this work. Thank you for you love and support! I love you all!

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 93 - A land choice above all other lands

Much has happened in the span of a week. Elder Porcelli and I parted ways as he went home, it was hard saying bye to him, love and miss him. Mher (an American Armenian missionary) served with me for a few days until transfers and we had a lot of fun together and worked hard. My new companion is great. Elder Peterson, he has a calmness about him and is very down to earth and mellow. I look forward to all that we will learn from each other and we are excited for a great transfer together and completing the goals we have set out to accomplish. 

On that note, goals..As Elder Peterson and I sat down and made goals for this transfer and we did the same with our auxiliaries, I was reminded just how important goals are and how much they help me navigate my life. Monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals have kept me accountable and facilitated growth and personal development much quicker than I would of had I not set these goals.

  "Where there is no vision the people perish". I feel the problem with goals most times is that we often forget the purpose of the goal. The doctrine behind it, why are we setting that goal? Those who feel uncomfortable  with numbers and goals, need to understand the purpose behind them and why they are setting that particular goal. The goal becomes a catalyst for growth and completing a specific purpose, a standard of accountability and a personal criterion of determination and desires transformed into action. I find it worth to say that as soon as one loses sight of the purposes behind their goals they lose sight of their vision and eventually fold in, defeating the whole purpose of goals. 

I apologize for my last email as I was cut short and wasn't able to finish my complete thought, however, you probably got the main idea. The work is going well. The member support is not quite where it needs to be, so we have been working with members to fully gain their trust and to complete part member families and attain referrals. This past week as we have sought to work with members and complete part member families for the purpose of finding the elect. We have noticed a difference in the type of investigators that we are teaching and the their level of preparation.

We had many great lessons this last week as we taught with the spirit the investigators responded under that same influence. I often wonder how broad the sphere of our influence extends. One couple we are teaching in their late 40's after explaining the Restoration and the purpose of our meetings ---receiving an answer from God then acting on such-- and how to get an answer by following the basic tenets of the gospel allowed the spirit into their hearts, their eyes were opened and their understanding enlightened. This particular couple in reference to receiving their answer and following those basics of the gospel said "If that is what needs to be done, than that is what we will do" They clearly understood that faith will be manifested by their works as the apostle James declared "faith with out works is dead".  As the spirit pervaded the room Mher and I  capitalized on such an opportunity and told them that what they were feeling was exactly how they would get their answer and that they could not deny such a feeling as this. 

As for myself I am doing great! I am doing all I can to give opportunities to others to activate agency and growth. As I was studying this last week from the book of Ether (1-3) I was amazed with the words I was reading. I felt like I was reading a different book I must had skipped in the past. A land "choice above all other lands which the Lord God had preserved for a righteous people". 

"And the Lord would not suffer that they should stop beyond the sea in the wilderness, but he would that they should come forth even unto the land of promise, which was choice above all other lands, which the Lord God had preserved for a righteous people."

"I will bring you up again out of the depths of the sea; for the winds have gone forth out of my mouth, and also the rains and the floods have I sent forth. And behold, I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come."

As I read I made the connection that the Lord is not only talking about a geographical location but the land preserved for us which is above all other lands is eternal life. He asks that we go into the Wilderness at times and cross the great raging deep of life and trials. As we do so we are perfected, we are become like him as we trust him. At times we like the brother of Jared get comfortable and forget to call on the name of the Lord. Figuratively speaking we stop in the land by the seashore for 4 years. However, the Lord always leads us out of complacency  and gives us the opportunity for a better place just beyond the horizon. It is worth it to think if we are on the journey to reaching our land of promise which is above all other lands. If we call upon the name of the Lord, repent, follow the spirit and go to work our faith will become dormant in that sphere and we can know as the brother of Jared did with a knowledge of the things of the Lord. Love you all and I am grateful for you love and support. 

Thank you

Love Elder Lunt

Change in responsibility letter



March 7, 2016

Dear Brother and Sister Lunt,

We’re pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Lunt, has been called to serve as a District Leader.

He has been an excellent missionary and an example to other missionaries.  We’re confident that he

will serve well.

District Leaders carry the responsibility of leading and lifting the missionaries in their district. Elder

Lunt  has shown the capacity to do that.

We appreciate the work he has done here and we’re so happy he has chosen to serve his Heavenly

Father as a missionary.  Thank you for teaching him Gospel principles and raising a fine son.  His

service will bring blessings to your family.


President and Sister Carlson

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 92. Preparation and Opportunity

Dear family and friends,
Every week I seem to find myself in the same situation as I try to write a letter summarizing all that I have experienced in a week of service like this. We were blessed to see an incredible women act as the head of the family and be baptized. Her family will follow her example and many others whom we have taught this transfer. 

The foundation has been laid for so many and we will never be able to fully congnizant of the influence we have had on people. I take confidence in knowing that many will have full access to the Atonement of Christ through baptism next transfer and transfers to come because of our efforts.

This last week I have thought much about the importance of preperation through pondering, prayer and scricpture study. That preperation can be for any event, lesson or task in life. However comes in most amenity when we face the challenges or trials that seemed so fare off or non existant. Prepation and perseverance go hand and hand. When we have adequatly prepared we know why we stay the course and how, our agency is activated and our faith becomes a principle of action and power. 

Admist the trials of a mission, this transfer and life, I would say it is among the basics of the gospel that help me navigate the epicenter of the storms of life, solve the problem and there find peace and solace. 

I have learned much about observing, listening and then acting. I feel that those items listed in of themselves are forms of preperation and as I do so with sincerity and love then I can emmulate the "stature of Christ" often mentioned in the New Testament. I better understand my role in teaching and bringing the Holy Ghost into the venue. 

We know that it is our purpose to bring the Holy Ghost "unto their hearts" and those whom we teach then choose to bring it "into their hearts". Although the former is often more attainable than the latter,I realize we can preparing the those whom we teach to bring the the Holy Ghost into their hearts. We do so by three simple steps, inviting, enticing and identifying. As I have followed this pattern in teaching there has been a new influence and light that has come upon the investigator as they realize and accept the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Thank you, love you all

Elder Lunt

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 91. All good things

Dear family and friends,

      Great week! This last week we met many great people who are progressing investigators and who are the answer to many of our prayers--finding the elect. As we put those first who put us first, preparation met opportunity. The spirit was tangible in our lessons carrying the message "into the hearts" of the people as we carried it "unto their hearts" and they accepted.

 There was a resolute change in our lessons and the way that people responded as they did so under the influence of the spirit. Initially it starts with the small and simple things by which great things are brought to pass (Alma 37);prayer of faith, obedience, adequate preparation and foresight and then I would say simply having faith in those we teach.

I was reminded and amazed this last week as I saw many people in many different circumstances and environments not believe they could receive an answer or do all of the work expected to receive an answer or change. We saw miracles as they changed by the end of the lesson because of our faith in them, reaffirming that their conversion is much more dependent on our faith than it is theirs.(Ether 12:4)

Elder Porcelli is doing great and I learn much from him. I have a love and respect for him that is beyond words. I know my wife will thank him one day for all that he has taught me for about exuding love, joy and appreciation. We have had a great transfer together and look forwarding to ending strong. Great disciple of Christ and a man I love.

Each week I feel like I receive that "grace by grace" that the scriptures speak so prevalently about. Lately I have been "considering the lilies of the field", taking it all it and envisioning eternal perspective, observing and listening to the spirit. After a great interview with President Carlson I came out with stronger connection and acquisition to always have that spirit present. Such an asset and opportunity in our lives if we let that third member of the Godhead work as that cleansing agent through obedience, revelation received then acted upon. 

Acting upon every good thing brings more revelation and confers upon us full access to the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The change is evident in myself and others as I have sought to act in confidence on every good thing. Anything good is of God. (Moroni 7:13) Having the spirit is a blessing but following the spirit by acting on all good things brings the light, inspiration and change we all seek for in life and the blessings it brings will be much more immediate. Mosiah 2:24 

I thank all of you for changing these people's lives and for your love an support. I love you all!

Elder Lunt