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Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 68

Dear Everyone!!!
Every week so much good happens. There will always be highs and lows of missionary work but the joy and eternal purpose that we get to share with others everyday with out any other worries is something to be excited about. 

This last week Elder Jowers and prepared and conducted mission leadership council. It went very well and there have been some major changes because of those meetings with President and the leaders of the mission. The three main needs we addressed were studying; preparing to teach, helping missionaries understand their purpose and lastly the why of it all Matt. 22: 36-40. So many changes for the better, this mission is rising each week in all aspects. We are trying to close the gap of missionaries applying the things they already know, which comes from understanding true doctrine. 
"True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a  study of behavior will improvbehavior.”
-Thank you Body K. Packer We are trying to figure out transfers and what the Lord wants.  We just want it to be the Lord's will, we continue to ponder and pray and work on them. 

There has been an excitement about missionary work lately mainly because we fasted as a ward together yesterday for missionary work. It was the best Sacrament meeting I have ever been to. Mainly because of the preparation on my part for partaking the sacrament. Sacrament has become so much more to me in these last few months than it has ever been. It becomes something I look forward to for spiritual rejuvenation and strength at the end of each week. I feel the promise of L. Tom Perry is becoming more clear as I seek to be prepared for Sacrament and make the most of the Sabbath.

We have been blessed with quite a few new investigators and many of which are looking serious. We are excited to work with some youth we recently found, they are already talking about missions, but they need to come to church first. Ha they are good guys. We are excited for some baptisms coming up soon, many of the investigators are ready to be baptized just a few are having a hard time quitting smoking. 

One of our long time investigators beyond prepared for baptism still smokes a half a cigarette a day. Yesterday I gave him some gum from America I got in a package and told him that It is special gum from America and that he will be able to quit if he chews 3 pieces a day. It was a last resort but so far it is working...So we will see. Many great people that we get to teach and learn from everyday. 

Elder Jowers and I are doing great! He is incredible and I am going to tell him that more often all the good that he does. I thought about what was said in a meeting recently about involving the savior more in our companionship. My mind went straight to Luke9:24 "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall find it". There is always so much you can do for your companion and others and so I plan on serving him more frequently and letting him know the good he does.

I am doing great! I am just enjoying life as a missionary. There are things in life just as good, but nothing greater than preaching the gospel. I was thinking about all the people in the scriptures that gave up their kingdoms and judgement seats to preach the gospel. Truly there is nothing greater or a more noble calling in life. Over the course of my mission I have been able to better understand the why of it all being Mathew 22: 36-40. Everything hinges on those to commandments and the better I understand this passage of scripture the more it motivates and drives me to become better and help others do the same! I love this opportunity to serve these people and missionaries as an assistant the things I am learning are incredible and will extend far beyond my mission.

 Love you all!

Thank you, Elder Lunt

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