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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 66

He ran out of time so he copied us on the letter he wrote to his mission president... with a short paragraph at the end for friends/family:

Dear President,
This last week has been great but exhausting. We have been trying to get our area back together as we came back and things were not in the best of shape. We worked hard and saw many blessings. We have been able to go on member splits with many less active members and the youth of the ward, that has been a great experience and testimony to me.

 A young member and I were on splits one night and we were having a rough day, people were saying rude things and I was tired of it. Determined not to give up we got off a bus 2 stops above where we normally would, Hayk asked me if we should say a prayer because we hadn't found any investigators that day. Taken back and humbled by this question I agreed with tears in my eyes. Underneath the rain, Hayk offered the prayer there on the street and to my surprise as the word "amen" left his mouth a man came from behind us and asked me if I knew anything about computers. Knowing this was an answer to our prayer, without hesitation I replied "yes"! 

We went to a little house no more than 20 feet away. We entered and as soon as I found out he was trying to connect to the internet using a flash drive I knew I was in for a good show. Knowing this wasn't at all possible but that we were not teaching without trying to fix his computer, we didn't hesitate to sit down and hit some buttons while we taught the gospel. 

We taught him and others present about the church and where we meet on Sundays. After 20 min or so of a good gospel discussion I told him what needed to be done to fix the computer. I told him where we would be meeting the following day, he interrupted and said "I will be there" and how he wanted to learn about our church.  We left that man knowing that we had been there at the right time because Hayk was prompted to pray. Hayk was beaming with joy after this experience. As we walked down the street we meet another man that wanted to hear about the gospel. It was a good reminder of the power that humble prayer contains.

So many investigators being found weekly and so many saying they will keep commitments, that are continually not kept. We are trying to figure out what we need to do better to help those we find continue investigating. How do we rise above all the negative influence they receive from their friends and sometimes family or media. It almost seems impossible at times if the investigator doesn't have a member who is a close friend. This is a matter we have been pondering lately and we continually try to make changes for the better.

Elder Jowers and I are doing great! He is a great missionary and works hard. We push each other to do better and become better, that is the sign of a true friend in my book. We help each other improve in every aspect, missionary work and secular. This last week he was having a rough time on Wednesday, I felt I needed to ask him how he was doing and after a superficial "I  am good" I asked a second time "how are you really doing"? He expressed some things that satan has been hitting him with lately and turns out I was feeling the pressure from Satan as well in those same areas. Although we both feel like Satan is doing all he can to take us down however, everything seems to be fine now. Elder Jowers was feeling a lot better after our talk. Elder Jowers is an incredible man and this has been a great transfer and gets better daily.

On that note, I made the mistake of asking for a trial a few weeks ago to have the opportunity to rise to a higher level of conversion. Usually trials come as soon as you ask for them but I feel these came to us as a companionship as soon as we got back from Georgia. I feel the spirit has withdrawn from me and I like I have said before I feel like super man without his powers. We are trying to help struggling missionaries and stay on top of our area as well as keeping the mission unified and  of course the stuff back home that plagues my mind at times. 

We have made goals, personal and companionship to counter our personal trials and concerns in the mission.  When it rains it pours right? For these reasons and more it has been an exhausting week. We have never worked for something so hard in our lives or desired something as much as we desire the spiritual well being of these people. I pray for them to wake up and change their lives, to see the water of eternal life right in front of them and partake.  At the end of the day all we can do is continue to do try our best and see what we need to change. I still love every second of this service as a missionary and as an assistant. Thank you family and friends for all that you do for me, and thank you for your support and love! Please more details in letters, and more letters from family. Love you all!

Love Elder Lunt

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