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Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 87 Love you all!!

Dear family and friends,
Where is time going? Time seems to be fading faster and faster with each coming day. We have had many learning experiences this last week. We have enjoyed having a mini missionary with us for a week (Arman) serving with us. I love his attitude of faith and steadfastness. He has some things to learn but don't we all. A mission will be great for him! He will be a great missionary, and change many lives. 

The work is going well, not where we want it to be but It is on a perpetual increase. We have fasted a couple of times in the past weeks and we see the blesssings. The Lord is teaching me patience and trust in him and his timing. As well as many other attributes. I love these people.

Goal setting has been revelatory as I take time to tap into the powers of Heaven and know what goals to set. There are so many things to do, but life is about doing the right things. I feel like the baptism goals we have set are realistic I do not doubt in the Lord or his timing. I think goal setting is a pretty simple process if we invovle The Lord, it is the faith in Christ, diligence and patience that requires the effort. There are many people lining up and many should be entering the waters of baptism soon.

I am changing in so many ways. Elder Porcelli has taught me much about love, and listening to people. He is a great man and companion. Elder Porcelli is doing great. He has made leaps and bounds this transfer in every way. He is a completely different person than the one I knew at the begging of the transfer. I am proud of him and the skills he has developed and worked for. I am trying to change and help him to be consistently happy. He has taught me  much and I have changed for the better because of him, shortly said I am grateful for all the blessings, and opportunities to learn.  

I am doing great. I am exhausted but I love it. We are learning much together and the people we are teaching are progressing and teaching us many things. I love these people so much. As we met with Aghasi from Yerevan and his family and a few other investigators I felt so much love for them, and concearn for their lives, future and eternal progression. Life is hard but how blessed we are to have this gospel that simplifies it all.  Thank you Mom and Dad for all that you do. Please let me know what I can do better in every aspect. We love you and support you in every way. Thank you for your Character of Christ.

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 86 Hanging on the moment

Dear family,
What a week. Every week of this transfer has been exhausting but so rewarding in every way. We dropped a lot of investigators this past week and were dropped by many. It is sad to see many influenced by the oppions of family and friends. It is even harder when so many deprive others of their free agency. Over all about 35 investigators are on progression hold. It was needed. As we united in fasting and prayer, Elder Porcelli and I learned much together. It was test of faith. We were losing investigators faster than we could find them. As we trusted the Lord and put those first that were putting us first we were able to focus on finding less actives, working with recent converts and members, meanwhile finding the elect every where we went. A great quote my Mom sent me that well repersents this last week. "Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actualy be falling into place". As long as we are doing our all we know that the Lord has a bigger plan in store.

We are teaching a few great families. One of which, after fasting called us and asked if we could meet. We found 8 less active members as we prayed on the street before trying to find their addreses, one family had not been visisted in more than 10 years. So sad, people just want to be loved and cared about. Another family was found as we prayed on the street and found the builiding they were in but had no appartment number. We knocked on the appartment door and they instantly opened up, we asked "are you Gevork"? "Sure am, come in". Less actives came to church and members are catching the vision of missionary work. The work is hastening. The Lord is softening these people's hearts. It is incredible how only a few missionaries in one city can change the whole atmosphere and spirit of thousands.

We were blessed to have 5 investigators come to church, we were hoping for more, we will work to get the families present. The work is just on the tipping point of taking off. We are doing well but "good is great's biggest enemy". There is always better, I find that as I am grateful for all that the Lord has done through us, I can simultaneously feel the need to do more and improve. I learned a lot about a lot this past week specifically in the realm of Christlike attributes and composure, patience, love, always having the spirit and faith in Christ. I feel that I am on a steeper learning curve each week as the Lord blesses us with opportunities to learn and develop.

We did some service this past week and built a pig pen. We were right by the border of Turkey and we could see the mosques and the majistic snow covered Ararat (seis and masis) The big and the little is what it translates to. It was a quiet little village and gave me time to think and unwind a bit while carrying bricks I realized more and more that missionary work and anything in life doesn't really matter until we always know why it is that we do it. It is all about the realtionships that we make with one another. It is about love as the Savior continually stated in his mortal ministry. As I thought of this eternal truth more clearly it helped me appreciate this service, my companion and these people much more, It allowed me to see the bigger picture and expanded my vision.

As a senior couple lost a son this last week I was thinking what I needed to say to someone that just lost someone that close. I had a neat experience as I pondered what I should say to them. As I thought these words resonsonated in my mind from the Holy Ghost, the perspective of eternity heals alll wounds. It is something small but significant that has perhaps brought me more comfort than them. Great blessings are given, prayers are answered and the deepest of wounds healed as we turn outward and focus on others. I love this service, I am hanging on to every moment. I love Elder Porcelli, he is all around amazing and I have learned much from him. My capacity to love has grown. I love you, these people and this time of my life.

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 85 Maintaining level flight

Dear family and friends,
This last week was a bit difficult in many ways. However change always follows opposition weather it's for the good or bad is dependent on how we react. Elder Porcelli and I changed in many different ways. I noticed that when we set goals, we are asking for opportunities to improve to be perfected. 

Simply said, I was reminded that my companion's well being and happiness is more important than the work. However as we work hard and smart we are happy. It's all about loving the individual. The individual makes up the majority, or in this case "missionary work". I came to an even deeper realization that I needed to always act out of love to have the spirit.

We are working extremely hard and smart. We know that we are doing everything we can although, we seek what more there is to do. It has been hard with another disappointing week of investigators not attending church. And a variety of frustrations, anxieties and worries. Christ like attributes of charity, patience, gratitude and faith are being tested all across the board. Despite the opposition we have been blessed to recognize the opportunity for growth and make the needed changes, it is a peaceful process if you go through it with The Savior. "Faith is not only the power to move mountains but to stand firm when mountains don't move." A lot of times I have noticed life is just about making the needed changes and learning, and being strong when being strong is all you can do. 

First "cleanse the inner vessel". The Lord works from the inside out,the individual, the companionship then the members, investigators etc. Elder Porcelli and I have changed and recognized the blessings and assurance of the Lord. I am grateful for this time to learn, for Elder Porcelli, these people and this service. I continue to learn much with each coming day. 

I love you all,

Love Elder Lunt

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 84 Happy New Year!

Dear family and friends,

Merry Christmas!! And a happy New years! New Years in Armenia...This last week we had many great opportunities and miracles present themselves. The work was difficult because of the alcohol with new years celebrations. On new years day, we got hit with snow storm so while many of our meetings fell through we were focusing on making the best use of time and getting off the streets. We had already visited many members and we had planned to focus on finding less actives. While we were knocking doors to ask questions about potential less actives in many areas, we had dozens say "Come on in" with out recognizing us. Each time we went straight in, making the most out of each opportunity. 

We have some great investigators and continue to find consistently. However, as we have taught the doctrine of Sacrament and started working through the members to invite investigators to church and exercise faith in Jesus Christ it has been frustrating to be let down these last few weeks. We both feel that we are doing everything that we can. In these situations its no longer about doing your all but doing differently. In fact we feel that we are doing to much for them. We received great revelation to change our teaching. Teaching in simplicity and activating their agency through giving them more responsibilities.These people need to do their part and act on the word they hear and give. They need to be "doers of the word" as James directs. I ask a favor that you please pray for these investigators to understand and act. Please let me know your input and advice for their behalf.

Elder Porcelli is awesome and I am learning much from him. I do my best to vocalize all that I am learning from him. I feel that he has the attributes I have been seeking to apply most of my mission. He is a great man and missionary. I am constantly impressed with him. I am doing well, I am happy. I am exhausted but I am happy. Fatigue is small price to pay for the joy and happiness of a mission. "The pain of discipline or the pain of regret". I am healthy other than a few small things I am trying to postpone until I get home.

Goals for the new year...I will share the highlights as I have finished up some rough drafts, they are still in the making. The basics... Faith in Jesus Christ by being the best I can be through him. Increasing spirituality by following the gospel of Jesus Christ--faith, repentance, bap. covenants, The Holy Ghost and enduring to the end; each applied consistently at a deeper level. Charity-- By always having the Holy Ghost being filled with charity, asking seeking and earning this gift. Time management, obedience, prioritizing, urgency... (let me know your thoughts on these, especially time management in the regard of effectiveness and charity;sincerity;patience). Becoming a better teacher by alluding to Christ, bearing testimony, listening, teaching with simplicity, stories and examples and love. There are many more goals in self development in every aspect, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. I have shared some highlights and how I will accomplish them. I have daily goals and ways to accomplish those goals written side by side, this has helped me be accountable and make goals habits.

Please let me know your thoughts, feelings and ideas especially in goal setting and implementing. What works for you? Your inspiration and ideas. Thank you.

Love you all!