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Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 65 Zone Conference in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

We hiked a mountain at the base of Kazbeggi Mt. and had a great zone conf on the mountain!

Dear family and friends,
It was an incredible week, I feel that we were able to do a lot of good in Georgia for the 5 days we were there and help inspire a change and excitement among the missionaries there. 

Zone Conference was excellent I felt that I benefited from it immensely as well as everyone else who came prepared. As we ascended up the mountain we stopped and discussed the process of conversion given in 1 Nephi 11:1 Desire, believe, ponder and the spirit . Elder Jowers and I started off the Conference addressing Desire at the base of the mountain, it went well and was very spirit lead. 

I welcomed the change of heart that I experienced during this time in Georgia, It was a lot of little things I  needed to acquire within the Christlike attribute of charity. The best way you can tell if any meeting accomplished its' purpose is in the aftermath. How well are you facilitating what you learned in your life and those you serve based upon the things they learned in their lives, the gospel is all about repentance, change and becoming more and helping others to do likewise. More often than not the differences needed in our lives are slight however the consequences are enormous. 

I knew we had a big task ahead of us as we went on splits with the with all the Georgian Elders. It was fast paced and busy. Elder Jowers and I split up and went on splits with companion-ships, set goals and made plans to improve in every aspect of missionary work. We put a huge emphasis on finding and we feel that there was a complete change in missionaries, meanwhile President was doing specialized training with other missionaries to help them apply what we have learned. Between Elder Jowers, Pres and myself being in different places we feel that the things being taught by the three of us were in perfect unison in helping missionaries apply and become. It was a great learning experience and my Georgian was getting pretty good!

Elder Jowers and I are doing great, we had an amazing experience last Monday were I found out that my Pat. blessing talked about Elder Jowers and the role he has played in influencing my future and continues to play. It was an experience that I have been waiting for, for a long time. The spirit that filled the room was so unique as pure blessings and promises were fulfilled. We will always have a special connection with one another because of this, It was an incredible conformation that the Lord does fulfill his promises and that we were both in the right place!
We are doing great and teach in unity and continue to have fun. I love serving with him! 

Love you all, Love Elder Lunt

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