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Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 64

Dear family and friends,
What an incredible last week. So much good change has taken place, I wish I could describe it all in full detail, better yet if you could be here to see it for yourselves. Although both of those scenarios would be great I know that you are all having your own experiences and having just as many opportunities for good wherever you may be.  

This last week I was taught and reminded of many life changing principles of Christlike leadership. If you haven't noticed by now, our mission is in on an incredible level of work right now and continues to soar to new heights each week. However our mission is very divided, there are those who "get it", and it shows in every aspect of their work and overall happiness. Then there are those who continue to struggle and aren't facilitating the things that they know or have known at one time. I feel that every leader comes to this bridge at some point or another in their time as a leader, in which the decision must be made, how to help other people use their agency and act. One of our biggest tasks that we are currently dealing with is to unite the mission and to help others act upon the things that they know, so we can be united as a mission all working for the goals we have all set out to accomplish. 

We have implemented a lot of change that we feel will be effective in helping missionaries become "agents unto them selves" in other wards leaders for themselves. That is the pattern for Christlike leadership. Christ first understands, sets the example, then helps those he serves become... I have noticed the third step is what separates good leaders from great leaders. Most leaders can set the example but tend to do it all for those they serve. That is the easier way and on a less dramatic level that is Satan's plan, do it all for them, no agency, no growth involved. Christ helps those he serves become leaders, "agents unto themselves", capable and independent and "doing many good things of their own free will". 

I went on an exchange with a struggling companionship this past week, it was a surprise exchange so we could see how they are doing work and planning on a daily basis. I went to their area and after the first day the missionary I was with asked what time are you going back tomorrow? I said I am not going back. He was rather surprised and asked how long I was staying and I let him know however long it takes for the work to improve and although I didn't say it directly however long it took him to change.By the end of the exchange only one thing had changed, the missionaries attitude which fundamentally affected everything else, which in result made everything else change. It was a great experience to be able to help him and it's a great reminder of what leadership is all about.

Elder Jowers and I are doing great, we were blessed with more baptisms this last week and more to come, many at church and many great, uplifting meetings. Elder Jowers and I work hard together and we have fun while doing it, it's a good combination. Sometimes I think that Elder Jowers and I are the same person as we finish each others sentences in lessons or express that same thoughts or concerns. I love all my companions and have learned much from each companionship, however if I had a favorite it would be Elder Jowers.

Everything is great! We are about to go to Georgia for zone conferences. It will be great and I know the Lord will take care of our area while we are gone. I know you hear these things every week, but I love this work and I love being able to help missionaries and these people. I love you all and pray for you daily. I hope that you are all happy and enjoy the spirit more frequently with you as you always try to progress, that is what life is all about in the words of Brigham Young "cultivating yourself is the most important duty one has in mortality". 

We are all on a spectrum of which we never stand still. We either improve or digress. "We right now we are the sum total of all that we have thought, seen, heard and done. Who are you?"  I love that quote by Lawrence E Corbridge. It has pushed me in my life to rely on the Lord, forget the line of mediocrity and complacency altogether and become so much more than I could have imagined, only through the Lord. "Lord grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish". --Michelangelo 

I challenge each one of us to escape our comfort zones and diminish the fake boundaries that we unconsciously create in our minds. There is no limit, especially with God on your side. There is no comfort in a growth zone and no growth in a comfort zone, this principle is what we are trying to help missionaries apply and understand as a whole right now, "anxiously engaged in a good cause" If understood and applied will pay dividends that will extend far beyond the mission. Try new things, cultivate yourselves and become who the Lord wants you to become in every aspect. Look to him first in all things and be concerned most about what he thinks of you and everyone else's opinions will fall into place in a positive way. To be able to facilitate these things and see life on an eternal perspective is something we should all pray for daily and with real intent act then become. Love you all!

 John 13:17

Love Elder Lunt

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