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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 27

Hey everyone, sorry for no weekly letter this week. I ran out of time. I love you all and miss you. To be honest I have no idea what to do for skyping or calling in Dec but I will figure it out and ask around. Love you.

Elder Brian Lunt

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 26 - What a week

Where to start...Dear family and friends know that all is well and everything is good here. Know that I will always be ok during times like last week, but will be straight up too. I love you guys so much and miss you, I am excited to skype on Christmas and look forward to hearing your voices and seeing your faces. This last week has been great, we are working like crazy and seeing the results. Its been really neat, and I feel so accomplished at the end of each day, and just lay in bed at night and just think "wow", I am taking the role as bishop in an area so new to the church and speaking a foreign language that nobody knows ha. Its so interesting, that a year ago I would have never imagined this and 2 years ago maybe never wanted to. But i've thought a lot lately about how only through the Lord can we reach our full potential. Only when we give ourselves to the Lord, with our heart, mind and strength, and try to do our best that he can work miracles with us. I cant even imagine all the great people I wouldn't of met if I hadn't served a mission and all the relationships I wouldn't have and the lives that wouldn't be changed through me as an instrument in the lords hand. I love so many people here now and care for them so much. I can already see the change in myself and my Pat. blessing promises being fulfilled. I have learned so much about leadership and continue to learn so much as I lead this little group of 30 members. Things are on fire in this area. I am seeing much progress of when Elder wood and I started just now showing itself. We have been blessed with so many investigators, around 30 now. and many are progressing, many have baptismal dates. Theres not a feeling quite like it, to know that you were an instrument in the hand of the Lord to help bring them to the gospel, nothing in life I have done relates this kind of joy and happiness. I am doing good with the language, some might say fluent, I still don't think so. But I understand most of whats being said or at least the general Idea, and from there can make the connection. In lessons I understand close to 100 percent since it is all gospel related words. I am continue to work hard on the language every day, 10 words daily and reading from the book of Mormon daily in Armenian, and always listening for new words to write down. The Armenians are the best teachers for many things, and language aside they teach me so many things daily.I am picking up Russian words and know about half the alphabet.I feel like my english is getting bad and sometimes I just get confused with how to say things in english and have to think a little to long about it, its annoying. Anyways, the gift of tongues is real and the lord will never give you something to do, unless he knows you can arise to your potential through him and accomplish it. We are working so hard. My comp sometimes falls asleep standing on the marshutnis and aftobuses (old vans from soviets) its kinda funny and I cant help but crack a smile with all the Armenians looking at him weird then looking to me for an explanation haha. He's doing good, I am trying to help him find his confidence and come out of his shell he's doing better everyday. I would never kick it with him back on the block haha but he's a good guy. I continue to run in the mornings and work out with bands (the poor mans bo-flex) I still hold the title of the fastest runner in the mission and plan on keeping that haha but for reals though, cant be coming back with relief society arms ;) . Anyways as we have worked so hard we have seen so much success and the help of many of our members. I have seen so many miracles daily and just cant express to you how true this church is. I am so grateful for this opportunity to reopen this area and for these people. I am so close to so many of them. I found a building last week and met with the land lord and had a good meeting with him, and I am organizing a meeting with the land lord and stake president on Tues. Things are great and continue to stay so busy which is great. Its scary how fast time is going especially with hard work. Sundays are great and I continue to lead sacrament and do things that a bishop would do in the area, collect tithing and other things, list goes on. My comp is helping me out and the senior couple. I delegate the load with helps a lot. I am so grateful to be here and love this, every second of it, no matter how hard it may be at times. Or how much I miss you all. Its about time to go. I love you guys an miss you and pray for you daily many times.  You all have a part in this mission in helping me to help these people. Love you all

Love Elder Lunt

P.S. Dad your plan of salvation chart has changed my life..I feel like you made that for me, and I know its so inspired. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 25

Hey everyone.
Sorry for not writing the last week. Its been a tough week due to a close cousin/ friend passing away in America. I already told many of my close relatives that sometimes its hard to focus in the down time of things which in my area isn't a lot thank goodness, when things back home are not going so well. I have spent a lot of time fasting and praying about my cousin.  I have always had faith in the plan of salvation but I never really studied it or knew it for myself. I have a big testimony of prayer. And this testimony is why I am out here. I am grateful for this and have been praying so much for my cousin to know if he is really happy and what he is doing. There have been a few other things that are going on at home that I wont share due to their privacy but I could use the prayers right now. Email is getting old, I cant really share even  a fraction of what's going on through email due to time and how un-personal it is. Its getting pretty lonely sometimes here, being an hour away from everyone and my comp is just a quiet guy, getting better but still really quiet.  But I am good just thinking of the core reasons why I am here and trying to get in as many lessons as I can. Because that is the only time I am happy and have Joy, not fun always but joy. I feel so good during lessons and once we just get out of the house and into lessons, or talk to people on the streets. Anyways i'm good, love you all and miss ya.

Elder Lunt