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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coming home letter

We received this letter from President and Sister Carlson this morning (Elder Lunt's mission president and wife)


Elder Brian Lunt will soon complete his missionary service in the Armenia Yerevan

Mission. He has been a wonderful missionary who served with distinction and great
love for the Lord. He has served so faithfully and obediently. He has been exemplary
in every way; we could say to any missionary, watch Elder Lunt and do exactly as he
does. We would like to share some thoughts about him: The moment we met Elder Lunt, we knew he would be a leader. We considered making him a leader before he was even trained. He was so well prepared. He trained a new missionary right out of his own training. He served as a District Leader, on two different occasions, and then spent almost half of his mission as an Assistant to the President. He has accepted every assignment given him, and most recently has served as a Branch President. They say the secret to missionary work is work, and Elder Lunt is the poster child of knowing how to work. He was determined to serve each day to the fullest. He realized how valuable the Lord’s time is, and was determined to give all he had to invite and help others come unto Christ. Our mission will be forever blessed as he helped us to be better at planning by instituting continuous planning throughout the day, cluster planning to make the best use of time, and making each hour of each day count to helping others progress. The way he worked with members and leaders also paved the way for other missionaries to follow his example. His consecrated effort resulted in much success in every area of missionary work. It didn’t matter what area of the Mission he served in, soon that area was baptizing and reactivating more than any other area. We wish that every one of our missionaries
could have had the chance to serve with him. He relies on the Lord, trusts him
completely, and goes to work to make it happen. We know his mission has changed him forever and as he continues to develop Christlike attributes, the Spirit will continue to work with and mold him and he will continue to change the world for good.
And so we send him back now, to your watchful care. Returning to “civilian life” can
be both wonderful and challenging. We hope he will be put right to work and enjoy
Institute and Young Single Adults. He has been given a Temple Recommend that, according to instructions will expire in 90 days after he returns home. It gives him a good reason to be in close contact with the leaders at home. All of the principles and habits he has learned the past two years will prepare him to use his unique gifts and talents to continue to build the Kingdom. We know he will be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. We have been the recipients of his love and will be forever thankful for the chance to serve with him. We are really going to miss him! We love him, the Lord loves him, and he loves the Lord and has served Him well.

President and Sister Carlson

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"Return with Honor"

Elder Brian Taylor Lunt will be returning from Armenia, after serving for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! His homecoming will be held 
Sunday, MAY 29, 2016 at 11am. (THIS SUNDAY!)

Church address: 
1120 North 400 West 
American Fork, Utah 84003

There will be a luncheon at the Lunt Home following the meeting

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 104 - "Many are Called, But Few are Chosen" -Matt. 22:14 - LAST EMAIL FROM THE MISSION!-

Dear family and friends,
Here it is, the week of weeks. As it always does for happy missionaries, the time seems to "pass away like as it were unto us a dream". (Jacob 7:26)
The people, the experiences, the miracles, the trials, the joy, the sorrow, and everything in between culminates a beautiful tapestry of life experience, practical knowledge and unshakable testimony. I cannot begin to express my love, joy and gratitude for my Father in heaven, His son Jesus Christ, the people and these once in a lifetime experiences. 

Two years ago I thought about what I would do to become the man that God wanted me to be. I thought with anxiety about what kind of missionary I would become, how I would become and more pressing, when? I entered the MTC on a small testimony of prayer and Christ's Atonement with a desire to fully desire God's will. In the words of  Lawrence E Corbridge and under the influence of the spirit I found answers that suppressed my fears and lead to my happiness and success as a missionary, unconditional surrender...

This past week was one of miracles and one to be remembered. I have learned much about leadership and how to lead with the balance of discretion and discernment, power and humility, love and boldness. It is going to be hard saying bye to so many people that I love and consider family. They do not want me to go. Leaving them is a bitter sweet reality that is slowly unfolding. As I sat in my last Sacrament meeting in Armenia serving in this capacity, I leaned over to my first counselor and whispered "this is my last time singing with you." He silently broke down and I may or may not have teared up a bit.

We were blessed to have over 115 people at church. It was a great Sunday to go out on. A blessing of this magnitude I attribute first to the Lord and then to the smooth communication of the branch council auxiliaries and the righteousness of the people. "Cleanse the inner vessel", Moroni's words ring true on every account, and as we have been blessed by revelation to change leadership in Armenia the Lord's predicted blessings have followed.

Elder Kacher (of the seventy) with President Carlson came to our branch for church. In Elder Kacher's words...

President Carlson :Let me share with you a portion of an email he sent to the other members of the area presidency about his experience in church today.

Elder Kacher: "I attended the Artashat Branch this morning. A missionary is the branch president. We walked in a few minutes before the meeting was to start. There was a feeling of reverence as the prelude music was playing. The entire branch presidency was sitting reverently on the stand. The first talk by a BP councilor (Armenian) was a wonderful talk on repentance. A YW next gave a short talk on the restoration. It was very impressive. The sacrament was passed orderly and reverently.To me it said that if we can find worthy leaders the work will move forward."

The concluding speaker was Elder Kacher (of the seventy). As I translated for him and matched my tone, pitch, and emotion with his, I noticed the same spiritual power and light beaming from him, flow through  me. What an attribute to posses, a conduit and source for spiritual power and light. He gave a powerful address. A perfect duo of love and "reproving with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love." Definitely an experience that I will not forget. I could not think of a better last Sunday.

As I have thought briefly about living after the manner of happiness, eternal progression and how to continue to rise from one plane of conversion to the next now and after my full time service, I was surprised by the plainness of Mosiah 1:7 as King Benjamin speaks to his sons in regard to searching the scriptures.

 7 I would that ye should remember to search them diligently, that ye may profit thereby; and I would that ye should keep the commandments of God, that ye may prosper in the land according to the promises which the Lord made unto our fathers.
Four words stood out to me here in brief response to the question of continual conversion. Remember, keep, prosper, and promise. You could say the first two apply more to us in what most of us hopefully do each day and Sunday, "always remember him, and second keep His commandments preparatory to keeping covenants. "I the Lord am bound if ye do what I say." If we do so, then we not only prosper in all areas of life but we are accompanied by the many promises of  the Lord that come subsequent to uncertainty, trials and adversity.

Matt. 24;14 "Many are called, few are chosen." In closing of my closing I want to express my love for these people and all my companions, my love for this service and the blessings that flow from it. And my love for my family. I could not have had a better mission. I could not ask for more. I gave it everything I had and more. If there is one principle that has changed my life more than anything, enabled and redeemed. It is the same answer that I received that day in the MTC. Accessing the power of Christ's Atonement by Unconditionally surrendering our will to His. Unconditionally surrendering our will to His that we may be perfected, enabled and redeemed through his matchless power. You see, I was a missionary, I was called, but I was not chosen until I made a supplication before heaven and said " Father, I don't desire all that you desire right now, but I do desire to desire...I do desire to always desire your will. I give you all that I am, was and ever will be. Take it all, make of me a new self in thine image, whatever you want take it, after all it is not mine to give."

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 103 "Upon the rock of our Redeemer"

Dear family and friends,

We are doing well. I apologize for the length of this email. However, you have a pretty good idea of what is going on and I will make up for the lack of next week. I love these people and I love the opportunities I have to serve at this capacity and learn. 

Much has changed and been magnified in my life, with all humilty and dependancy on Christ I feel comfortable saying that I feel powerful and capable in all endeavours. With increased apptittude to draw from this source, the blessings and predicted conviction flows.

 I have been blessed with revelation and divine guidance to help the members of the branch by building upon the rock of our Reedemer. (Helaman 5:12) Specifically, the meaning that this takes is in each person by humbling themselves before Christ and centering our lives on His. 

Each indivdual makes up the whole, or in reference to this scripture, each rock make us the foundation on which we are to build, the Rock of our Reedemer. Secondly, most of these members have understood that this takes priority over rebuilding a stake and as we follow the principles of Christ a stake will naturally become a reality in the future.


Elder Lunt

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 102 - "Straightaway knowing Him"

Dear family and friends,
Happy Mother's day to all! Mom I love you and thank you for all that I am and will become.  Always a great and eventful week here in Artashat, Armenia. By now many of you have heard about the changes in Armenia regarding the evanescence of the Stake to a district.

 From some of the feedback I have heard, I fear that some skeptics are making this out to be more than it really is. Even being at the epicenter of some the turmoil, I would say It is a good thing and many of us have seen positive changes. 

I want to reiterate the same thing I said to my branch on Sunday, that this is not man's work, therefore it will not be done man's way, it will be done His way, in His timing. Sometimes Heavenly Father allows us to play in the sandbox --as man's progression is paramount to Him--until, the righteous receive further instruction, "grace for grace, revelation upon revelation and light upon light" or contrary, the wicked"ripen to a fullness of iniquity"and consequently, then swept off. 

In essence, we are building upon the rock of our redeemer, a solid foundation, "a foundation whereon if men are built they cannot fall." (Helaman 5:12) To put an end to the antagonistic claims we are going forward not backward, as this is His work, currently being done His way, being built upon the rock of our Redeemer.

This last week my love and respect for the Armenian race intensified. I spent some time with a solid Elder (Elder Larsen) on an exchange in his area. Within his area boundaries, we visited the remote part of southern Armenia (Vayk), and met some of the most humble, generous lovable people I have ever rubbed shoulders with.There were many investigators we barely knew and they took us in and treated us like kings, with barbecues and there willingness to listen to our message. 

The members in this area are small in size but large in spiritual stature. Quality over quantity, makes itself know as the few members in this small town preach the gospel with "full purpose of heart".

Elder Peterson is doing great. I learn from him everyday and I admire his composure and ability to see things and people in the perspective of eternity. We are doing great together. The area is still on a high with some sewing and much reaping to come. Artashat is a strong branch and consistently holds up to over a 100 members in church. We are working hard to establish the church and give all the opportunity of a lifetime.

I am doing well. Truly, I am savoring every moment. Smooth or course every situation is an opportunity to learn, progress and mature, simultaneously helping others to do the same. I have been called as the Branch President of Artashat and I have enjoyed all of that entails and the opportunity for powerful ministry in each of the member's lives. 

To allude back to a scripture in Mark 6  I shared a few weeks ago of Jesus Christ calming the storm. Referred to in V:48 "would have passed by them, and considering not the miracles of the loaves (V:52)" compared to the conclusion of this miracle in V:51 "When they were come out of the ship, straight way they knew Him" (v:54). 

The comparable difference between the disciple's response in verse 51 and there actions in V:54  in such a short duration of time is intriguing to me. In similitude, the biggest thing I learned this last week is that there are trials in life, storms, tempests, and adversity that seem an unconquerable feat. Adversity illuminated by faith in Jesus Christ becomes a catalyst for growth, a vehicle for personal development and an adventure. With this added perspective from each experience or trial we come out like the disciples of old "straightaway knowing him".

Thank you,


Elder Lunt

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Sunday

It was incredible talking to Elder Lunt yesterday on Mother's Day. It was the longest amount of time we have been able to talk to him, while keeping a good connection. He is doing wonderful! We are counting down the days until his arrival!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Weel 101 - Change in the air

Dear family and friends,

We have seen many blessings this past week. Many people's lives are changing and the blessings of living the gospel becomes a reality and tagible within the dispositon and lives of these people. There is much to be happy about and much to rejoice in. 

I love these people and strive to display such love by serving with my all of my heart, might, mind and strength. Our compionship continues to fire on all cylinders and we find many great people daily and work towards broadening our influence for good daily. 

Elder Peterson is doing great and I continue to learn from him and love him. We are teaching a lot of families right now and many of them are progressing rapidly. Like I said earlier, there is much to be grateful for. 

With many people found this last week, we had a great opportunity to try new teaching styles to more fully rely on Him in His work. We were pleasently suprised as many people changed upon the attainment of knowledge. In many cases we say within the course of a 45 min meeting people's eyes and ears opened to the Holy Ghost and lives infused with purpose and meaning as many had a clear choice between the eternal ultimatum of real and enduring happiness.

Sorry for the length of this email. Because of the stake becoming a district, there has been a lot more placed on us. I will get back to you on the details for skype this Sunday.

Love you all!

Thank you,

Elder Lunt