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Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 67

Dear family and friends,
This last week was full of revelation and ways to improve on all spectrums. As we hiked Mount. Aragats for Zone Conf. It was a great opportunity to talk to all the missionaries and take interest in them and their lives and missionary work. There is so much to learn from every single one of them. As cliche as this sounds I wish every one of them realized the greatness and potential they posses. Every single missionary has an innumerable amount of qualities and characteristics worth acquiring, I love them all so much and learn much from them every day.

The work in our area is good, however not quite where we want it to be. We have received revelation on how to overcome  the many outside influences that attempt to submerge those we teach, it has been neat to be able to prepare those we teach for the opposition they may face and to see them overcome it. 

We were blessed to baptize two very elect men last week and the spirit that filled every part of my body as I baptized them was spectacular. They were some of the most prepared people I have taught while on my mission and the spirit was with them in abundance.

We talk to everyone that comes within radius of our voice and as we do so we try to put a focus on families in our teaching and finding. We had a great lesson with that man from last week that we met while trying to fix his computer. He is looking promising we meet his family soon which will be exciting as well as many others preparing for baptism.

We have many great lessons during the week that propel me and bring me back to the reality of why I am here. Sometimes we get preoccupied with the how of many of our acquisitions and lose sight of the simple why. It all goes back to Christ.The more my knowledge of the gospel broadens, the more I realize everything in the gospel is an appendage of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. He suffered for all therefore understands all perfectly. I feel the spirit enter the room every time I testify of his reality, love and omnipresence.

 Someone asked me if I could change one thing in Armenia what would it be? I responded not limiting to Armenia but for all people of all races of all backgrounds and walks of life to understand the love of God and Jesus Christ. If all knew how much they were loved by these supernal beings I am convinced the world would be completely revolved. What better way to spread that love throughout the world than missionary work. 

There are things I have faith in and things I know and I know God and Jesus Christ love their children, I feel it every time I testify of them and this eternal truth. I will always miss the loved ones that have passed away especially ones that left this mortality unprepared and possibly unintentional. However this simple scripture gives me the solace needed 1 Nephi 11:17

I love this work! I truly do and the joy and change it brings to the teacher and the hearer. The love of work is success and I have been blessed to see much through out my mission as the Lord uses us as a tools in his hand. I love being a missionary and I love this eternal purpose! Love you all thank you for your letters and support.

Love Elder Lunt!

P.S. Elder Jowers is still great and I love him! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 66

He ran out of time so he copied us on the letter he wrote to his mission president... with a short paragraph at the end for friends/family:

Dear President,
This last week has been great but exhausting. We have been trying to get our area back together as we came back and things were not in the best of shape. We worked hard and saw many blessings. We have been able to go on member splits with many less active members and the youth of the ward, that has been a great experience and testimony to me.

 A young member and I were on splits one night and we were having a rough day, people were saying rude things and I was tired of it. Determined not to give up we got off a bus 2 stops above where we normally would, Hayk asked me if we should say a prayer because we hadn't found any investigators that day. Taken back and humbled by this question I agreed with tears in my eyes. Underneath the rain, Hayk offered the prayer there on the street and to my surprise as the word "amen" left his mouth a man came from behind us and asked me if I knew anything about computers. Knowing this was an answer to our prayer, without hesitation I replied "yes"! 

We went to a little house no more than 20 feet away. We entered and as soon as I found out he was trying to connect to the internet using a flash drive I knew I was in for a good show. Knowing this wasn't at all possible but that we were not teaching without trying to fix his computer, we didn't hesitate to sit down and hit some buttons while we taught the gospel. 

We taught him and others present about the church and where we meet on Sundays. After 20 min or so of a good gospel discussion I told him what needed to be done to fix the computer. I told him where we would be meeting the following day, he interrupted and said "I will be there" and how he wanted to learn about our church.  We left that man knowing that we had been there at the right time because Hayk was prompted to pray. Hayk was beaming with joy after this experience. As we walked down the street we meet another man that wanted to hear about the gospel. It was a good reminder of the power that humble prayer contains.

So many investigators being found weekly and so many saying they will keep commitments, that are continually not kept. We are trying to figure out what we need to do better to help those we find continue investigating. How do we rise above all the negative influence they receive from their friends and sometimes family or media. It almost seems impossible at times if the investigator doesn't have a member who is a close friend. This is a matter we have been pondering lately and we continually try to make changes for the better.

Elder Jowers and I are doing great! He is a great missionary and works hard. We push each other to do better and become better, that is the sign of a true friend in my book. We help each other improve in every aspect, missionary work and secular. This last week he was having a rough time on Wednesday, I felt I needed to ask him how he was doing and after a superficial "I  am good" I asked a second time "how are you really doing"? He expressed some things that satan has been hitting him with lately and turns out I was feeling the pressure from Satan as well in those same areas. Although we both feel like Satan is doing all he can to take us down however, everything seems to be fine now. Elder Jowers was feeling a lot better after our talk. Elder Jowers is an incredible man and this has been a great transfer and gets better daily.

On that note, I made the mistake of asking for a trial a few weeks ago to have the opportunity to rise to a higher level of conversion. Usually trials come as soon as you ask for them but I feel these came to us as a companionship as soon as we got back from Georgia. I feel the spirit has withdrawn from me and I like I have said before I feel like super man without his powers. We are trying to help struggling missionaries and stay on top of our area as well as keeping the mission unified and  of course the stuff back home that plagues my mind at times. 

We have made goals, personal and companionship to counter our personal trials and concerns in the mission.  When it rains it pours right? For these reasons and more it has been an exhausting week. We have never worked for something so hard in our lives or desired something as much as we desire the spiritual well being of these people. I pray for them to wake up and change their lives, to see the water of eternal life right in front of them and partake.  At the end of the day all we can do is continue to do try our best and see what we need to change. I still love every second of this service as a missionary and as an assistant. Thank you family and friends for all that you do for me, and thank you for your support and love! Please more details in letters, and more letters from family. Love you all!

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 65 Zone Conference in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

We hiked a mountain at the base of Kazbeggi Mt. and had a great zone conf on the mountain!

Dear family and friends,
It was an incredible week, I feel that we were able to do a lot of good in Georgia for the 5 days we were there and help inspire a change and excitement among the missionaries there. 

Zone Conference was excellent I felt that I benefited from it immensely as well as everyone else who came prepared. As we ascended up the mountain we stopped and discussed the process of conversion given in 1 Nephi 11:1 Desire, believe, ponder and the spirit . Elder Jowers and I started off the Conference addressing Desire at the base of the mountain, it went well and was very spirit lead. 

I welcomed the change of heart that I experienced during this time in Georgia, It was a lot of little things I  needed to acquire within the Christlike attribute of charity. The best way you can tell if any meeting accomplished its' purpose is in the aftermath. How well are you facilitating what you learned in your life and those you serve based upon the things they learned in their lives, the gospel is all about repentance, change and becoming more and helping others to do likewise. More often than not the differences needed in our lives are slight however the consequences are enormous. 

I knew we had a big task ahead of us as we went on splits with the with all the Georgian Elders. It was fast paced and busy. Elder Jowers and I split up and went on splits with companion-ships, set goals and made plans to improve in every aspect of missionary work. We put a huge emphasis on finding and we feel that there was a complete change in missionaries, meanwhile President was doing specialized training with other missionaries to help them apply what we have learned. Between Elder Jowers, Pres and myself being in different places we feel that the things being taught by the three of us were in perfect unison in helping missionaries apply and become. It was a great learning experience and my Georgian was getting pretty good!

Elder Jowers and I are doing great, we had an amazing experience last Monday were I found out that my Pat. blessing talked about Elder Jowers and the role he has played in influencing my future and continues to play. It was an experience that I have been waiting for, for a long time. The spirit that filled the room was so unique as pure blessings and promises were fulfilled. We will always have a special connection with one another because of this, It was an incredible conformation that the Lord does fulfill his promises and that we were both in the right place!
We are doing great and teach in unity and continue to have fun. I love serving with him! 

Love you all, Love Elder Lunt

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 64

Dear family and friends,
What an incredible last week. So much good change has taken place, I wish I could describe it all in full detail, better yet if you could be here to see it for yourselves. Although both of those scenarios would be great I know that you are all having your own experiences and having just as many opportunities for good wherever you may be.  

This last week I was taught and reminded of many life changing principles of Christlike leadership. If you haven't noticed by now, our mission is in on an incredible level of work right now and continues to soar to new heights each week. However our mission is very divided, there are those who "get it", and it shows in every aspect of their work and overall happiness. Then there are those who continue to struggle and aren't facilitating the things that they know or have known at one time. I feel that every leader comes to this bridge at some point or another in their time as a leader, in which the decision must be made, how to help other people use their agency and act. One of our biggest tasks that we are currently dealing with is to unite the mission and to help others act upon the things that they know, so we can be united as a mission all working for the goals we have all set out to accomplish. 

We have implemented a lot of change that we feel will be effective in helping missionaries become "agents unto them selves" in other wards leaders for themselves. That is the pattern for Christlike leadership. Christ first understands, sets the example, then helps those he serves become... I have noticed the third step is what separates good leaders from great leaders. Most leaders can set the example but tend to do it all for those they serve. That is the easier way and on a less dramatic level that is Satan's plan, do it all for them, no agency, no growth involved. Christ helps those he serves become leaders, "agents unto themselves", capable and independent and "doing many good things of their own free will". 

I went on an exchange with a struggling companionship this past week, it was a surprise exchange so we could see how they are doing work and planning on a daily basis. I went to their area and after the first day the missionary I was with asked what time are you going back tomorrow? I said I am not going back. He was rather surprised and asked how long I was staying and I let him know however long it takes for the work to improve and although I didn't say it directly however long it took him to change.By the end of the exchange only one thing had changed, the missionaries attitude which fundamentally affected everything else, which in result made everything else change. It was a great experience to be able to help him and it's a great reminder of what leadership is all about.

Elder Jowers and I are doing great, we were blessed with more baptisms this last week and more to come, many at church and many great, uplifting meetings. Elder Jowers and I work hard together and we have fun while doing it, it's a good combination. Sometimes I think that Elder Jowers and I are the same person as we finish each others sentences in lessons or express that same thoughts or concerns. I love all my companions and have learned much from each companionship, however if I had a favorite it would be Elder Jowers.

Everything is great! We are about to go to Georgia for zone conferences. It will be great and I know the Lord will take care of our area while we are gone. I know you hear these things every week, but I love this work and I love being able to help missionaries and these people. I love you all and pray for you daily. I hope that you are all happy and enjoy the spirit more frequently with you as you always try to progress, that is what life is all about in the words of Brigham Young "cultivating yourself is the most important duty one has in mortality". 

We are all on a spectrum of which we never stand still. We either improve or digress. "We right now we are the sum total of all that we have thought, seen, heard and done. Who are you?"  I love that quote by Lawrence E Corbridge. It has pushed me in my life to rely on the Lord, forget the line of mediocrity and complacency altogether and become so much more than I could have imagined, only through the Lord. "Lord grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish". --Michelangelo 

I challenge each one of us to escape our comfort zones and diminish the fake boundaries that we unconsciously create in our minds. There is no limit, especially with God on your side. There is no comfort in a growth zone and no growth in a comfort zone, this principle is what we are trying to help missionaries apply and understand as a whole right now, "anxiously engaged in a good cause" If understood and applied will pay dividends that will extend far beyond the mission. Try new things, cultivate yourselves and become who the Lord wants you to become in every aspect. Look to him first in all things and be concerned most about what he thinks of you and everyone else's opinions will fall into place in a positive way. To be able to facilitate these things and see life on an eternal perspective is something we should all pray for daily and with real intent act then become. Love you all!

 John 13:17

Love Elder Lunt

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 63

Dear family and friends,
Shout out to my Dad! The best man I know! Happy birthday! YEAHH!!!!

This last week was great! With another baptism and a few more coming up soon we realize how blessed we are. Especially as we have been out of our area so much planning for Mission Leadership council, conferences and other training, we notice the Lord makes up the difference. We spent a lot of time this past week on our knees as a companionship as to what we needed to change and implement depending on the needs of the mission. We counselled about following the spirit and we narrowed it down to 3 needs of the mission. Teaching for conversion, finding the elect and paying the price or as the scriptures say "magnifying the office of our calling". I was privileged to conduct the meeting, and we all felt like because of the preparation put into it, on both sides that It was a great council and a lot of changes were implemented, the purpose and vision was clear as to what we needed to do and the spirit was present.

I continue to love these people much more even those who don't love us. A year ago this was something that would have seemed foreign to me. I am grateful for that change that the Lord has blessed me with. I talked a lot about desire in the weekly letter to the mission this week, and lately I have been thinking about how much Elder Jowers and I want to find elect people to teach! It is our biggest desire and we will do anything for it! 

Jacob 2:2 anxiously engaged, I feel like my companion and I are always out of our comfort zone to the point where being out of our comfort zone becomes comfortable. That is something my Mom taught me when I got a call from her during Advanced Individual training in the army. Harnessing the pressure or anxiety of a situation to motivate and drive you rather than the usual effect it has on an individual. Elder Jowers and I are doing great! We get a long very well and see eye to eye on just about everything! He is a great missionary and a great man, we work hard and have a fun time together, overall it is just a great time! There is a difference between a companion and a brother, and we were able to reach that brotherhood level pretty fast, I will always be grateful for that and this time together!

I am doing great! Obviously we have our disappointments, however the pros always outweigh the cons by far. I love being a missionary and I want so badly to find elect people who want the gospel. I come home every night knowing I gave my best, as I confide in the Lord and account to him I know what to do better the next day and then I do it. Like I said earlier, I have never wanted anything more in my life for such an eternal purpose than I do and feel right. I know that the Lord will answer our prays and we will be able to see the blessings of Alma 26:22 come to pass.

I love you all and I am grateful for you and your examples. You all play a part in this great work. I am grateful for my wonderful parents and the love and patience that they have showed me. I am grateful for my experiences, my past, and all that I have been through to be who I am right now. The Lord always has a plan for all of us, a plan of which is greater and more grand than we can imagine. I love you all and pray for you everyday. Thank you for all the emails and for you love and support!

Elder Lunt

(Letter to the missionaries)

Dear Missionaries,

This last week has been revelatory for us as a mission. Your zone leaders will talk about the items discussed during mission leadership council tomorrow, for that reason we will keep this letter relatively short.

  "For know that he granteth unto men according to their desirewhether it be unto deator unto life"Alma 29:4 . "Desire is the starting point of all achievement" and God will always give us what we desire. It is our task in life to desire the right things.

Recently we have been discussing what paying the price as a mission entails for us with the goals we have set as a mission. Keep in mind as the Zone leaders discuss this tomorrow that It is so much more than reaching a goal of baptisms for the year. It is about spreading the love of God unto his children, the most desirable thing unto the children of men. It is about the "welfare of souls".

It goes back to our missionary purpose the core of it all and why we do what we do. We need to ask ourselves the same question that the Spirit asked Nephi in his vision of the tree of life "what desirest thou"?  What do we want, why, and how bad do we want it? Real intent- what are we willing to do after we receive revelation?

 Later in this same chapter an angel tells Nephi "what is most desirable above all things1 Nephi11:22 . He reminds us the core principle of what we teach everyday and what missionary work is founded upon, the Love of God for the welfare of souls. As your zone leaders prepare and teach tomorrow please think of what we are going to do as a mission to pay the price together, to desire what the Lord wants above all. Only then will we see the blessings of Alma 26:22

We love you and look forward to seeing you this week.

Love Elder Lunt and Jowers