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Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 62

Dear family and friends,

So much good happening at once. We continue to see the work hasten and the blessings that are attached with working hard, striving for betterment and living the gospel. We were blessed this last week to see a great man get baptized, a future leader in the Church. The monumental change in him and all others that the gospel brings is one of the greatest joys one can be apart of and experience in this life. We are very blessed with many more lining up for baptism, the blessings are innumerable.

 Every transfer in my mission has been great but it seems that every transfer just improves, on an individual basis, companionship, the work and the mission. Elder Jowers and I are like Steve Young and Jerry Rice, of course I am Steve young haha. We get along great and we work at a fast pace. We have had some amazing experiences together, receiving revelation for the missionaries, transfers and the influence and friendship that we have on one another will extend far beyond this mission. 

As you know last week we held a fast for some pretty big decisions that were being made in the mission and for the investigators in our area. I am convinced that fasting is the quickest way to pull down the blessings of Heaven. It is powerful and the testimony I have gained on my mission because of it, has greatly impacted me and those whom I associate with. We saw the blessings of the fast with many more people to teach that are ready and waiting for the gospel, I noticed the power behind my words and my teaching, and finally the answers that we needed for transfers and the missionaries. This mission has been life changing, the best decision I have ever made, and I love every second of it!

We will be going on more splits this week to see what we can do to help the missionaries and learn from them. I love the opportunity to serve and get to know everyone. I pray and strive everyday to develop Christlike attributes and spiritual gifts to help and uplift those I serve, I pray that those we teach will be under the influence of the spirit and that we can teach powerfully by the spirit. 

So often I think how fortunate we are to be missionaries and serve like we do especially the people of Armenia. I love these people they are my family and are great examples to me and I learn more from them than they probably do from me. I am honored to be able to serve them. Love you all and I pray for you and hope you are happy. It sounds like you are all happy and having fun. Love you all!
Love Elder Lunt

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