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Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 41

Dear family, 
Its been a great week,
This week we had a great privilege to serve with a native missionary named Armen. We worked hard and had a great time. I learned a lot from him in every aspect as we carefully listened to him. He's a great guy and he desires the same great things we do, a family, opportunities, and happiness and peace. He said many great things that really impressed me. "I know that God really exits and loves me". And that he said he learned a lot from serving with us and that he plans on incorporating what he learned into his daily life. It was a great privilege to serve with him, I know that I will always remember him and the brotherhood and friendship we formed. 

 Elder Kay is still doing great. He is easy going and a hard worker as well. The district seems to be doing well. Elder Garish and I would like to see us all working together as a district more as in everyone pulling their weight as a companionship. Its something we are praying and fasting about to know what to do to help the district as a whole. They are loved and appreciated, I have the privilege to talk to them each night during call ins and its neat to hear about their miracles, highs and lows. 

Ever since that tough week when things changed for the better, work here continues to amaze me. We are so blessed and as we really work hard and try to do all that we can, we are blessed in every aspect of the work. The members are going with us for lessons and introducing us to people to teach. I was blessed to baptize a very elect man that is going to be a leader in this church one day, and he wants his family to be taught as soon as possible. So many tender mercies. As I keep a journal I try to write them all and realize all that the Lord has done for me. I plan on giving my journals to you to read after the mission, that will be the closest account of all that I have been through.

Love you all and miss you guys. I realize everyday how great of people you all are. I would be happy the rest of my life just serving you guys when I get home. I love you!

Elder Lunt

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