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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 45

Dear family and friends,
It has been a great week, and although it's not over yet, a great transfer. I am excited to see what the future brings, change= growth with is always a great thing. We have been very blessed this week as a companionship and as a district. We focused on faith through finding, It was neat to know that 17 sons and daughters of God were found this week as a district. Its improvement but we can do much better. 

We had a neat experience this week as a district and companionship concerning finding. In district meeting this last week we talked a lot about faith and talking to everyone and the power and blessings, and promises that will come when we do just that. 

During the meeting impression came to me, that if we have faith to try to talk to everyone and try to find families, that 10 new investigators for each companionship was a worthy goal. Through the spirit I felt that it was appraise to commit each companionship, not a raise of hands but rather they were asked to change their goal when they got home only if they felt that they had the faith to accomplish what was being asked, this is the time to expect miracles, they are people out there and waiting. 

This is the neat part, Elder Nelson and Garish shared an experience that just that day before on Monday as they were putting in their goals on the computer, they forgot their planner with their original goals on it and couldn't remember what they had. Elder Nelson recommended they pray about how many people they should try to find and they both shared that if were are focusing on finding families then 10 should be a great goal. It was neat to see that they received that inspiration a day earlier than I did, and that experience  was a second witness and reconfirmed the actuality and spirit behind that goal. Faith has increased this week especially in finding.  

On Thursday, we had only one investigator that we had found and we know that we needed to rely on the Lord more. We held a fast as a companionship and they miracles came immediately. That night we found a family of 5 and as we read about Christ in 3 Nephi 11 coming to his "other sheep" they spirit was powerful and they all accepted and their hearts were opened. The next day we were blessed with 2 more investigators one of which who was contact that we ran into on the street, and were able to meet with him. The power of fast is the FASTEST way to pull down the blessings of heaven. It was a great week and some neat experiences. There are miracles all around, this is the time to expect them, as we rely on the Lord!

3 of the investigators made it to baptism unfortunately 2 of them did not due to relapse. They are having a hard time with the word of wisdom they will make it though. M*** (the boxer) wants it so bad. We have been blessed with 5 baptism this transfer and there are many more coming to whoever is in this area next transfer, the work continues to take off on the upward each week.They are some amazing people, I wish you could meet them. One of the guys we baptized is 29 and he is awesome, we are very close and he wants me to stay in Armenian after my mission. I feel so close to them, all of them, I often forget I am a missionary sometimes and I feel like their family. There is a special connection and relationship with every single one of them.

I love you guys and I  pray for all of you each week. I miss you and love reading all of your letters. Email gets pretty old for all of us. So it will be good to see your faces and hear you all sometime soon. I love you guys and hope you are all happy, truly happy. I would recommend taking 20 minutes each day usually in the morning or evening before bed after your prayer to ponder, no distractions, just you and the spirit, its amazing what will happen, its one on one time with you and your heavenly father and the spirit. We often wonder why we don't receive immediate answers to our problems. How many times does it say in the scriptures to "ponder these things." When we make that time for us and the Lord and remove the distractions we will receive personal revelation. It is something I thought was worth sharing and has helped me out a lot. Love you all and miss you.

Love Elder Lunt

P.S. I got the package and it was great especially cause we were out of food this morning haha! thank you!!!

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