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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 44

Dear family and friends,

It has been another great week in Hrazdan. The Lord is pouring out his blessings on us, and truly using us as instruments in his hands. We had a great split with president last week. It was a great experience and we learned many things, especially from our personal interviews. He said some very complimentry and inspiring things. We felt the spirit was strong in all the meetings with investigators the day he came (Friday). Just like an investigator said "I can feel power in your presence". There 5 amazing people about to be baptized this week. We will be doing all we can to make sure they make it to baptism. We have been blessed in every single aspect and we have been blessed with triple the amount of meetings, thanks to the Lord and help of many of the members.

As every week we see many promised blessings and miracles, this week was no exception. We have been blessed with people coming to us and asking for the gospel as well as the help of many members. This last week we were tested in a number of ways, one of the biggest ways was the adversery trying to take down the unity of our companionship,members and as a branch. Also since Tuesday til Fri, our patience was getting tested over and over again by many different people. We felt like we didnt have the spirit with us in our meetings for those three days. It was awful and very tough,I felt like superman without his powers. However, we knew that it was just a test, that satan was and is throwing all he has at us to stop the great work here. We were able to bear through it, however, on Friday I cant explain what changed but it was so nice to have the spirit back I felt like I could do another day of missionary work at 10:30 pm.

The are many investigators this week that will be baptized. It has been so neat so see the change in so many of them. S***** is and was elect from the moment we met her. She has already read the Book of Mormon and is almost done with D&C. H*** has completly quit drinking and smoking, he has been clean for many weeks now. And another man named H***** is elect and he is excited to be baptized by his son, A**** the man who served a mini mission with us. M*** and N*** both have word of wisdom problems and are starting today for the whole week to be clean. It will be a lot of work with them, calling every few hours but it will be so beyond worth it. It's always a blessing to have elect investigators from the start. But when someone you meet at first isn't and over time they change and become elect. To me that is the Atonement in action and is so amazing to see. We love these people so much and know that they all have the capacity to make it to baptism no matter what their challenges are.

The district is doing good but we are capable of so much more. Elder Garish and I feel that a big part of the problem is finding. Have we gotten complacant? Or just forgotten to open our moulths to everyone? If we are going to suceed our goals we need to talk to three times the amount of people. Most of the time I think its something that we don't forget about as missionaries, talking to everyone is our job and as we pass so many people and try to talk to everyone we will be blessed to recongnize the elect. 

Its something that people are naturally afraid of. Talking to every stranger we see.It comes down to who do we fear more, God? or man? or whatever else is stopping a person from talking to everyone! There may be a number of reasons but we feel that is a big one. When we have faith we will not fear, when we care more about what God thinks and wants for his children that will further out weigh what someone else might think of us. As a result we will align our will to his and forget about what others think of us. Finding will be a big focus this week for us as a district. 

I hope my letters have not gotten boring. I apoligize that I am not able to respond to every email or question. However just know that I am great, everything is going beyond great. Yes there are challenges, and disapointments but the benefits and happyness further outweighs all of that. I love this work, these people and the Lord. I am so blessed to be here at this time. A mission willl change your life forever. You can not put a price or explaination on how much it will change you in every way, but more importantly those you teach. I have felt the Lord's Atonement working through so many and myself. I promise you it is real, he is real and he is the way. I have been used as an insturment in his hands, and have been able to help many through him. I can't think of any greater blessing or work in this life. I know he lives and loves us and that this is his true church on the earth today. I committ all of us to share the great knowledge that we know with others and help them live the only way that gives a person true happyness. Whatever happens on April 1st, this time will always be cherished with these great people. I love you all and pray for you all multiple times daily. My family and friends 
Love, Elder Lunt

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