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Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 40!!

Dear family and friends,
 All is well here. We have been blessed every week to have many great people to teach and to learn from. The love for these people can't be described. There are times when I take a moment to realize how blessed we are to be here. To serve, love and get to know these great men and women. As we had the opportunity to watch meet the mormons last week in zone confrenece I realized that its not just Armenians but every person in the world has the same God given light of christ that inspiries those to help others and want to be safe with their families from the world. As a companionship the movie helped us in our work but not as much as the things the zone leaders said especially Elder Garish. I let him know that he has a love in his voice that the spirit carries out. You can tell he really loves all the missionaries in that room and his motivies are right, the spirit bears record of it.

Elder Kay and I often talk about all the miracles we have seen together and in other people. The spirit of the Lord is chaning the hearts of men. People are quitting smoking, coming to church, becoming better spouses, fathers, mothers, and disciples of the Lord. It brings tears to my eyes when I see the light, the change in someones eyes and face that only the Atonement brings. I remeber my Dad explaing that to me, its something that one can only experience. The joy and happyness it brings is Celestial. The members are 100% on board with us and help in many aspects of the work. This area and the work here has changed and we continue to work hard as a result see the blessings. Hard work through the Lord is the key to sucess. We must do all we can to, if we really expect to pull down the blessings of heaven.

My companion... I love him. I really do. He is a great man. Elder Kay has changed a lot just in the short time that I have been with him. The spirtual maturity and the growth in every aspect is momnetual. He is a humble, christ like disciple. He knows how to serve these people and others. There is very little pride. He loves others and shows it by his example and works, even those who maybe hard to love at times. He continues to progress in every way. We have a great time together, he is funny and has a different personality. He also knows when its time to work and he does just that. 

The district is doing good. Elder Garish (zone leader and close friend) and I both feel that we need to review the things we learned in zone meeting. Also we feel like as a district we need to be working harder and all pulling out weight as companionships. We know that areas are different, however we can always work harder and do better. That being said we were happy to see the faith in goal setting this week.

I often think what I did to have things so good, my parents, upbringing, to be born in to the gospel. The least I can do is share that. I often ponder the Lord's mercy and his Atonement. How did he do it? How does he love us all so much with a perfect love? His grace and love is perfect and he knows what we can become through his grace. I reflect on my past sometimes and realize it isn't something I am proud of, however like Paul the apostle I dont regret it and I know God's grace made me who I am today and will continue to become for the people I serve. (1 COR. 15;10) I know that the Lord is the only way to true happyness and peace. The means to obtaining his light is progression..daily scrip study, prayer and all 3 hours of church. I love you all and apreciate all the letters, packages and uplifting words. I miss you all and am grateful for you. Escpecially my great parents who have done so much for me and have always loved, and supported me. I love you all and pray for you by name. 

Love Elder Lunt

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