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Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 42

Dear family and friends 
There comes a point when words cant describe how much joy and happyness this gospel brings to a person. Reminding me of Ammon when he expresses how grateful he is for his God and Christ, their reedeming love and mercy. How perfect their plan is. Its the only thing in this life that will bring real happyness. I often feel like Ammon and ponder the many blessings that God has given me. This week has been hard due to things back in the home. However as soon as I get outside and lost in the work its like it doesnt even exist. There is always a direct correalation there, when we serve others we forget about ourselves. Then the Lord can make shape us as a tool in his hands Matt. 16; 25. I am blessed and have seen many people change their lives! We have been lead to people and they have been lead to us.

 The work here changed the 3rd week for the better thanks to the Lord answering our prayers and fasts. We did and try to change every day for the better to get better results. So that we may be used as an instrument in the Lord's hand.  If I would say one major factor that has helped us and me personally on my mission, the answer is simple ... work. As we read in DC and the Book of Mormon those whoe preached this perfect message did not think about where they were going to sleep or as to what their next meal was going to be. They were lost in the work! As a result they baptized thousands. PMG says it best, " the secret to missionary work... is work", I say the secret to life, is work!  We have noticed, the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward or blessing. We are very blessed to be lost in this eternal cause. I wake up with so much purpose and happyness everyday because of this great work, and because I get to do P90x ab ripper! Yeaaahhhh dont worry ladies this guy  is still looking good, correction..better! ;)

Elder Kay is doing great, we learn a lot from one another and have great gospel discussions. I grown to love him even more and he will always be a good friend. The district is doing good from my perspective. Elder Garish and I will be doing a split on tuesday to pray and discuss what we can do for the district, so that we can change the work as a whole. Elder Garish is an amazing man I can see the love in his eyes for all the people he is around.

I am doing great and I ponder and reflect as to why I am where I am, right now being that many old friends have taken different paths. Why was I blessed to take the turn for the better? Everyone has the light of christ and knows right between wrong. However free agency is always the process, as hard as that maybe, as a direct result we will always be the product. I have found solace in the scriptures, and have been studying the New testament and the Book of Mormon side by side to better teaching from both. Love you all and hope are all truly happy!  I know that this is true and that through the Savior is the only way to happyness! l know that they know us personally, better than we know oursleves. I love this work, I love this people, and I love the Lord Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father!  Please stay close to them and rely on them in all you do! You have something that most of this world doesnt, share it by your examples. Be happy, smile! 

John 13;17

Love Elder Lunt

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