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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 38

Dear everyone,
Wow...this week. This week was the hardest, but the best week of my mission so far. I willlexplain. The first three days were trails of our faith. We have been and are working so hard. Skipping meals, fasting, never missing an opportunity to work and we were just not getting any breaks. We know that sacrifice brings blessings however,everything was falling through. We dropped all the investigators but 2. The man Suren who we held a fast for on Tuesday, didn't have enough faith to be baptized and his wife talked him out of it, it was hard to see him deny the spirit and it made me sad. We had so many people arguing with us and bashing on our faith and my testimony. It was hard to know how hard we were trying but nothing was happening. I started thinking it was me and that I was doing something wrong. However, at the same time I knew that feeling was not from god and that this was just a trail of our faith.

With not a single plan working out...Then came Thursday and the remaining week...Something changed in the work here. It was almost tangiable. We felt it. A 180 degree turn in the work. Starting with the first meeting. We planned our best and on Thursday and through the rest of the week almost everything worked out, we met new investigators and many members gave us referrals and not just told us about their friends or relatives but actually came with us to their houses. Gago our branch president , Armen and many other members are such examples to me. They have solid testimonies and desire this real joy and happineses for everyone they meet.Through the members is the best and only way to do this great work. We were blessed with many meetings with investigators and members present,10 referrals and 13 new investigators this week. I have a testimony of fasting and that there is power behind a fast with a purpose and prayer. I also know that trials of faith always come, some before and some after. We were very blessed this week and I felt a joy and change in the work that I had been seeking for this whole transfer. That only came after much prayer, fast and humility. My hope is that we will continue to be led and blessed, for these great people and their happiness and salvation. The Lord is in control of everything. I know he lives and I love him. His love and Atonement is what motivates me to give everything I have. The same happiness and joy I have received. I desire for all. This is the time of my life! Love you all and hope and pray for you to stay close to the Lord and rely on his spirit. Cut out the noise and tune in.

 A good mormon message I showed a few weeks ago in district meeting It is the one of the old man tuning his radio and cutting out he noise of the world, I don't remember the exact name but its worth watching and pay attention to how you feel. Love you guys and invite you to help the missionaries in your ward. Share the gospel with all you can, every member is a missionary and you know the people who need the gospel better than we do. I invite all who read this to share this perfect message with as many as you can this week. Try it and you will get to feel the happiness I feel daily. Love you all so much.

P.S. I forgot to tell you that we were blessed with a baptism 2 weeks ago, Tigran,21 years old and he is already teaching with us and wants to serve a mission. And I love these people and our branch pres. Gago is an amazing man.

Love Elder Lunt

Link to video Brian is talking about:
Voice of the Spirit VIDEO

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