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Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 39 - Happy Valentines day!

Dear family and friends,

First off, happy valentines day to everyone! Sorry to all the babes reading this but my Mom still and will always have my heart, maybe one day to all you 10's out there reading this. Haha we had a good valentines day here, its just a another great day of the same great work.

As usual I am not sure where to start and can never tell even a little bit of all the miracles, truly miracels that I have seen this week. Its been a good week. As every week comes and goes I realize how blessed we are as a companionship and I am personally. This area is so special and the work is going how we wanted it to. We are branching out to other cities and seeing blessings in every single aspect as we work hard and never miss an opportunity. 

Many miracles this week and blessings. We have been blessed with investigators and with meetings constantly. Some fall through but there is always many other ready and willing to meet. We had many neat experiences this week one of them being as we have now completely cleaned out the area book and called all the potential investigators and formers. We met with a family that has been "waiting for that call for a year now." Their words not mine. Its another testimony to us to know that there are elect ready and waiting all around us, in our area books, referrals, neighbors. And instead of saying each one of our cities, I would say at least 5 ready to be baptized in each one of our buildings. It truly is a great opportunity and privilege to be here. All is well.

Elder Kay is a great missionary and is in tune with the spirit, he loves these people and is continue to progress in every way, spiritually, maturity and with the language. I point out to him that the Lord is making him and shaping him as a tool in his hand to help bring souls to repentance. I love him and enjoy this time as his companion.

The district is doing great there is a lot that I don't have time to write about, however I have been really blessed and leaned a lot from serving other missionaries. I sent the district. DC: 97;8 the Lord notices all that we do and accepts all of our sacrifices no matter how big or small. I am out of time but I love you all so much and and miss you guys. I see your faces every day as I pray for you individually. Love your son, brother, soldier and missionary

Elder Lunt

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