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Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 37

Dear friends and family,

We have seen a lot of change this week in the work and the area. We feel there is an excitment about missionary work and the branch is all for it. Gago the branch pres is steping up more as a leader and applying the things we are teaching him. Hes is great man and I love him and his family very much, I see the light in their faces that only comes through living the gospel. We have obtained an M.L.S. list and have been trying to find all the less actives on the list. Less actives are some of my favorite to work with, nothing is more joyful to see the light and happyness return in their eyes as you bring up their baptism and the feelings they felt during the time of their conversions. We have noticed tender mercies being in the right places at the right times. We have also made some big promises this week through the holy ghost, in one of the lessons I promised a man that I am positive that if we could just talk to his wife, that I know her heart will be softened to be ok with him being baptized, he was quiet and said "if you are positve then next time you can talk to here" we hit on faith with him and that we know she will be softened to the message but that he had to beleive it as well. Alma 32 was the committment. The next meeting with him and his wife will be followed by much fasting and prayer. Please pray for us and him (suren is his name) and that his wife's heart will be opened. I know that the Lord will make good on his promises that he made through us, As long as we have faith and show it though fasting, desperate prayer and humbling ourselves. 

Elder Kay is doing great. He is making leaps on the language through hard work and the help of the Lord. He is always wearing a smile and its contagious, Its great and the people love him. He has a great sense of humor and we are working hard and also have many great times together. He has a humility about him that most dont. Its a gift he has, to be able to be so nice to people and not bothered by things some people say. Hes a great missionary, with a firm testimony. 
The district is doing great from what I can see. I feel that I know every one pretty well know. 

Every week has been great of my mission some more joyful than others. However this week I felt that I have received a lot of personal revelation as to what to do and how through study of consencration. I reveiceved an answer to many of my prayers as to what should be the drive and the motivation behind all the hard work and conscencration. I always knew it should be for the love of the Lord but how do I change to be conscencrated in every situation for that reason? I felt strong impressions that I needed a better understanding of the atonement, the most important event that ever was and will be. I am grateful for the answer and am excited to get started. Everything is going well, we are changing every day so that this will be the Lord's work through us. I love him and know he and our Heavenly Father live and love us more than we can comprehend. I cant imagine, and dont want to what would be if I hadnt had come on a mission. This has been the most joyful time of my life! Only one who has served will understand this great feeling. I felt this week to challenge my family and all who are reading this to read the scriptures every morning together as a family. Even if it is only a little bit. And to go to all three meetings of church. The blessings are there, we limit ourselves as to how much we receive. Love you all so much and pray for you all daily. Live what you know, and be happy, smile! Love you

P.S. about this time each Monday is when I will be emailing

Elder Lunt

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