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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 36 Out of time

Out of time this week....This is my email to the president, figured it would be better than nothing (we write him weekly)

Dear President,
I want to start off by saying that its been a good week. We have seen changes in the work with the members and changes in people that are progressing twoards baptism. I still feel like we are barely hitting the surface of our potential though. We are thinking what we can do differently to see different results. Not re-inventing the wheel but repairing it. The work is picking up a little bit more and we are reciveing a lot more help from the members. We feel relationships with them have already increased, and they know their purpose as members, as we try to get PMG's in every home and teach missionary work, and focus on the family. We have been blessed with investigators but I would say 2 are serious right now. There is a lot to do here and we are still in the "how" stages. I know that as we pray, fast and humble ourselves the Lord wont let us down.

Elder Kay is doing good and I am learning from him. I love him, and he really is just a good all around person. We are trying to work as hard and we have a lot of fun while doing it. We both have a lot to learn and we figure it out together. He is getting better with the language day by day and he has a firm testimony of the first and great commandment and many other gospel doctrines,that cant be shaken by others. Just like you said in a zone conference, I feel he, and my last companions E. Burt and Wood fall under the category of "one of those people who never needed the gospel to be a good person".

Like I said its been a good week, but its been tough as well. On a more personal note, I feel like I am not doing good enough, I dont know its a hard feeling to explain but Ive always tryed to seek the praise of the Lord rather than of man. But I feel like the Lord isnt really saying much to me these past few weeks. I feel like I dont get the peace and comfort , his acceptance and his guidance on what to do better like I have in the past. Its a sad,lonely feeling. I am fasting today and have been praying desperatly these past few weeks on what to do better or to change. I am trying to focus on the investigators, and members and the individual needs of the district, I feel that its hard to balance all that and my personal needs. Well thats enough about me. Thanks for all that you do President,I know that you love us and trust us. I know your busy but if you get a second please let me know what I can do better. Im asking not for me but for these great people so that I may serve them with all my heart, might mind and strength. Thankyou

Love Elder Lunt

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