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Monday, May 2, 2016

Weel 101 - Change in the air

Dear family and friends,

We have seen many blessings this past week. Many people's lives are changing and the blessings of living the gospel becomes a reality and tagible within the dispositon and lives of these people. There is much to be happy about and much to rejoice in. 

I love these people and strive to display such love by serving with my all of my heart, might, mind and strength. Our compionship continues to fire on all cylinders and we find many great people daily and work towards broadening our influence for good daily. 

Elder Peterson is doing great and I continue to learn from him and love him. We are teaching a lot of families right now and many of them are progressing rapidly. Like I said earlier, there is much to be grateful for. 

With many people found this last week, we had a great opportunity to try new teaching styles to more fully rely on Him in His work. We were pleasently suprised as many people changed upon the attainment of knowledge. In many cases we say within the course of a 45 min meeting people's eyes and ears opened to the Holy Ghost and lives infused with purpose and meaning as many had a clear choice between the eternal ultimatum of real and enduring happiness.

Sorry for the length of this email. Because of the stake becoming a district, there has been a lot more placed on us. I will get back to you on the details for skype this Sunday.

Love you all!

Thank you,

Elder Lunt

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