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Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 92. Preparation and Opportunity

Dear family and friends,
Every week I seem to find myself in the same situation as I try to write a letter summarizing all that I have experienced in a week of service like this. We were blessed to see an incredible women act as the head of the family and be baptized. Her family will follow her example and many others whom we have taught this transfer. 

The foundation has been laid for so many and we will never be able to fully congnizant of the influence we have had on people. I take confidence in knowing that many will have full access to the Atonement of Christ through baptism next transfer and transfers to come because of our efforts.

This last week I have thought much about the importance of preperation through pondering, prayer and scricpture study. That preperation can be for any event, lesson or task in life. However comes in most amenity when we face the challenges or trials that seemed so fare off or non existant. Prepation and perseverance go hand and hand. When we have adequatly prepared we know why we stay the course and how, our agency is activated and our faith becomes a principle of action and power. 

Admist the trials of a mission, this transfer and life, I would say it is among the basics of the gospel that help me navigate the epicenter of the storms of life, solve the problem and there find peace and solace. 

I have learned much about observing, listening and then acting. I feel that those items listed in of themselves are forms of preperation and as I do so with sincerity and love then I can emmulate the "stature of Christ" often mentioned in the New Testament. I better understand my role in teaching and bringing the Holy Ghost into the venue. 

We know that it is our purpose to bring the Holy Ghost "unto their hearts" and those whom we teach then choose to bring it "into their hearts". Although the former is often more attainable than the latter,I realize we can preparing the those whom we teach to bring the the Holy Ghost into their hearts. We do so by three simple steps, inviting, enticing and identifying. As I have followed this pattern in teaching there has been a new influence and light that has come upon the investigator as they realize and accept the Holy Ghost in their lives.

Thank you, love you all

Elder Lunt

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