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Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 98 - Supposed Him to be The Gardener

Dear family and friends,

I hope you had a great conference weekend and walked away with more than you came. The transparency of the words spoken not only segwayed into my personal conversion but underlined the things that really matter in life and reshuffled priorities and goals. 

With opportunity to practice what we preach, we went to appointments right after our viewing. The spiritual power and divine guidance was immediate. The difference was contrast as the spirit repleted the envoirnment with exuberance and clarity for us and the listener.

In my service of almost two years now I have come to learn that some of the most magnificent miracles are often times the easiest ones to miss. Through out the New Testament countless visions and manifestations of Christ were so common that sometimes the disciples and even Mary when "she supposed Him to be the gardener" following his resurrection didn't recongnize Christ. This has direct revelance in each of our lives. 

A few days ago we had one of these affirmation like experiences that we didn't fully comprehend until the moment and even later that day. Were lost in a part of town looking for a recent convert's home. We spent about an hour looking and couldn't find his home. With no means of communication with this particular member we decided to keep looking a bit longer. With increased seraching and decreased patience, we came into a certain part of town that I seemed to recongnize and remembered a women's home in the area who was baptized within the last year. We decided to visit this women instead while we happen to be in the area.

Unexpected, we knocked on their door. Her daughter (a faithful member) answered and invited us in to find this women draped on the couch with rags on her head. We talked to her and she said that she was having stroke like sypmtoms and was about to call 911. My companion and I looked at one another and made the instant unspoken connection. We acted and offered a priesthood blessing. At the close of the blessing this women sprung up and immediately was her old cheerful self. This women cried and was thankful for the immediate answer to her prayers thorugh us. We all shared this experience together and I didn't realize the magnitude of the Holy Ghost's divine guidance unil later with pondering in prayer.

The chruch is being established in Artashat Armenia. We see temporal and spiritual results of a divine council in every way. As ward members learn how to emmulate the example of their leaders in imparting of their substance and take part in retaining and reactivating efforts. Investigators baptized these past few days are forming strong realtionships with the ward members and leaders. Establishing the church through a divine council by continual counselling has lead to greater revelation, changes in missionary work and blessings in our area. A divine council has been paramount to the progress.

Elder Peterson is doing well and I learn much from his example of Christ-like meekness and humility. I have much to learn and accquire and he has much to give. Every companionship is insipired. I love and appreciate him in all regards.

The blessings continue to flow in every imaginable way. Much has changed and been magnified in my life, with all humilty and dependancy on Christ I feel comfortable saying that I feel powerful and capable in all endeavours. With increased apptittude to draw from His source, the blessings and predicted conviction flows.

Thank you, 

Love Elder Lunt

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