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Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 94 - Rising Tide

Dear family and friends,

We are doing great! Everything is coming together. This last week consisted of much as each week does. However there was a distinguishable change in the work because of the way we are working, that is hard and smart work. The basics for success in missionary work which protracts into life are "obedience to the gospel, faith in Christ and working hard and smart"-Elder Kacher. As we adapt and change the way we work---working smarter to work harder---- the results are tangible. Ephasis on the members has changed the game. This last week we closed the final gaps on missionary/ member correspondance. 

We have done so by visiting members more often and finding the elect through them. I have noticed something very unique that is often over looked but eventually leads to the success or unfulfilled potential of an area. That is there is a network among members. They are the mavens of information , data banks, specific for each area. A network that we can barely tap into before our time in each area expires. They know who the active members are, the less active members, the part member families and the potentials. They have answers to most all the questions. The problem I have noticed is this...Members in most of Armenia don't see opportutnties and potential like us missionaries do. This leaves unconsummated potential.

The game changer for us has been missionary/member correspondance. We have been able to tap into this network of information of part member families, less actives and more with a variety of methods. However the biggest asset has been working through auxillaries (Elder's quorum pres, relief society pres, ward council) by reporting our progress. We report specific progress and needs of those we visit to the corresponding auxiiary and we specify that we are reporting to them. Not only has this involved members in missionary work, it has opened the lines of communiaction making ward council an on going mindset rather than just a once a week event. This has worked wonders for us and helped members better understand their role and take a part in their calling and missionary work. 

We are doing very well! Elder Peterson and I get along well and we have a fun time. He is a great guy and we balance each other out well, we make a good team. As mentioned above, things are coming together. The work in taking off through the members (about time). We have been blessed to meet many incredible people this last week. We found many great part member families that are progressing very well. It is amazing to see the progress of others as they start the journey of discipleship. Many people will be baptized in these next few weeks, and the Lord is doing wonderful things through us.

As I was pondering a few nights ago, I was amazed with all that I have been blessed with through the Lord. As I sat in silence I was humbled to my knees by the gratitude I felt for our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and their three distinct but yet unanimous roles in my personal conversion. Words can not describe how grateful I am for them and their patience with us. I am blessed to be apart of this gospel and even more fortunate to be sharing it. I endorse the words of Matthew 10:39 as I have become living evidence and of the Atonement of Jesus Christ both redeeming and enabling power. I truly love these people. I love this work. Thank you for you love and support! I love you all!

Love Elder Lunt

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