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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Coming home letter

We received this letter from President and Sister Carlson this morning (Elder Lunt's mission president and wife)


Elder Brian Lunt will soon complete his missionary service in the Armenia Yerevan

Mission. He has been a wonderful missionary who served with distinction and great
love for the Lord. He has served so faithfully and obediently. He has been exemplary
in every way; we could say to any missionary, watch Elder Lunt and do exactly as he
does. We would like to share some thoughts about him: The moment we met Elder Lunt, we knew he would be a leader. We considered making him a leader before he was even trained. He was so well prepared. He trained a new missionary right out of his own training. He served as a District Leader, on two different occasions, and then spent almost half of his mission as an Assistant to the President. He has accepted every assignment given him, and most recently has served as a Branch President. They say the secret to missionary work is work, and Elder Lunt is the poster child of knowing how to work. He was determined to serve each day to the fullest. He realized how valuable the Lord’s time is, and was determined to give all he had to invite and help others come unto Christ. Our mission will be forever blessed as he helped us to be better at planning by instituting continuous planning throughout the day, cluster planning to make the best use of time, and making each hour of each day count to helping others progress. The way he worked with members and leaders also paved the way for other missionaries to follow his example. His consecrated effort resulted in much success in every area of missionary work. It didn’t matter what area of the Mission he served in, soon that area was baptizing and reactivating more than any other area. We wish that every one of our missionaries
could have had the chance to serve with him. He relies on the Lord, trusts him
completely, and goes to work to make it happen. We know his mission has changed him forever and as he continues to develop Christlike attributes, the Spirit will continue to work with and mold him and he will continue to change the world for good.
And so we send him back now, to your watchful care. Returning to “civilian life” can
be both wonderful and challenging. We hope he will be put right to work and enjoy
Institute and Young Single Adults. He has been given a Temple Recommend that, according to instructions will expire in 90 days after he returns home. It gives him a good reason to be in close contact with the leaders at home. All of the principles and habits he has learned the past two years will prepare him to use his unique gifts and talents to continue to build the Kingdom. We know he will be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. We have been the recipients of his love and will be forever thankful for the chance to serve with him. We are really going to miss him! We love him, the Lord loves him, and he loves the Lord and has served Him well.

President and Sister Carlson

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