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Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 87 Love you all!!

Dear family and friends,
Where is time going? Time seems to be fading faster and faster with each coming day. We have had many learning experiences this last week. We have enjoyed having a mini missionary with us for a week (Arman) serving with us. I love his attitude of faith and steadfastness. He has some things to learn but don't we all. A mission will be great for him! He will be a great missionary, and change many lives. 

The work is going well, not where we want it to be but It is on a perpetual increase. We have fasted a couple of times in the past weeks and we see the blesssings. The Lord is teaching me patience and trust in him and his timing. As well as many other attributes. I love these people.

Goal setting has been revelatory as I take time to tap into the powers of Heaven and know what goals to set. There are so many things to do, but life is about doing the right things. I feel like the baptism goals we have set are realistic I do not doubt in the Lord or his timing. I think goal setting is a pretty simple process if we invovle The Lord, it is the faith in Christ, diligence and patience that requires the effort. There are many people lining up and many should be entering the waters of baptism soon.

I am changing in so many ways. Elder Porcelli has taught me much about love, and listening to people. He is a great man and companion. Elder Porcelli is doing great. He has made leaps and bounds this transfer in every way. He is a completely different person than the one I knew at the begging of the transfer. I am proud of him and the skills he has developed and worked for. I am trying to change and help him to be consistently happy. He has taught me  much and I have changed for the better because of him, shortly said I am grateful for all the blessings, and opportunities to learn.  

I am doing great. I am exhausted but I love it. We are learning much together and the people we are teaching are progressing and teaching us many things. I love these people so much. As we met with Aghasi from Yerevan and his family and a few other investigators I felt so much love for them, and concearn for their lives, future and eternal progression. Life is hard but how blessed we are to have this gospel that simplifies it all.  Thank you Mom and Dad for all that you do. Please let me know what I can do better in every aspect. We love you and support you in every way. Thank you for your Character of Christ.

Love Elder Lunt

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