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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 85 Maintaining level flight

Dear family and friends,
This last week was a bit difficult in many ways. However change always follows opposition weather it's for the good or bad is dependent on how we react. Elder Porcelli and I changed in many different ways. I noticed that when we set goals, we are asking for opportunities to improve to be perfected. 

Simply said, I was reminded that my companion's well being and happiness is more important than the work. However as we work hard and smart we are happy. It's all about loving the individual. The individual makes up the majority, or in this case "missionary work". I came to an even deeper realization that I needed to always act out of love to have the spirit.

We are working extremely hard and smart. We know that we are doing everything we can although, we seek what more there is to do. It has been hard with another disappointing week of investigators not attending church. And a variety of frustrations, anxieties and worries. Christ like attributes of charity, patience, gratitude and faith are being tested all across the board. Despite the opposition we have been blessed to recognize the opportunity for growth and make the needed changes, it is a peaceful process if you go through it with The Savior. "Faith is not only the power to move mountains but to stand firm when mountains don't move." A lot of times I have noticed life is just about making the needed changes and learning, and being strong when being strong is all you can do. 

First "cleanse the inner vessel". The Lord works from the inside out,the individual, the companionship then the members, investigators etc. Elder Porcelli and I have changed and recognized the blessings and assurance of the Lord. I am grateful for this time to learn, for Elder Porcelli, these people and this service. I continue to learn much with each coming day. 

I love you all,

Love Elder Lunt

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