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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 84 Happy New Year!

Dear family and friends,

Merry Christmas!! And a happy New years! New Years in Armenia...This last week we had many great opportunities and miracles present themselves. The work was difficult because of the alcohol with new years celebrations. On new years day, we got hit with snow storm so while many of our meetings fell through we were focusing on making the best use of time and getting off the streets. We had already visited many members and we had planned to focus on finding less actives. While we were knocking doors to ask questions about potential less actives in many areas, we had dozens say "Come on in" with out recognizing us. Each time we went straight in, making the most out of each opportunity. 

We have some great investigators and continue to find consistently. However, as we have taught the doctrine of Sacrament and started working through the members to invite investigators to church and exercise faith in Jesus Christ it has been frustrating to be let down these last few weeks. We both feel that we are doing everything that we can. In these situations its no longer about doing your all but doing differently. In fact we feel that we are doing to much for them. We received great revelation to change our teaching. Teaching in simplicity and activating their agency through giving them more responsibilities.These people need to do their part and act on the word they hear and give. They need to be "doers of the word" as James directs. I ask a favor that you please pray for these investigators to understand and act. Please let me know your input and advice for their behalf.

Elder Porcelli is awesome and I am learning much from him. I do my best to vocalize all that I am learning from him. I feel that he has the attributes I have been seeking to apply most of my mission. He is a great man and missionary. I am constantly impressed with him. I am doing well, I am happy. I am exhausted but I am happy. Fatigue is small price to pay for the joy and happiness of a mission. "The pain of discipline or the pain of regret". I am healthy other than a few small things I am trying to postpone until I get home.

Goals for the new year...I will share the highlights as I have finished up some rough drafts, they are still in the making. The basics... Faith in Jesus Christ by being the best I can be through him. Increasing spirituality by following the gospel of Jesus Christ--faith, repentance, bap. covenants, The Holy Ghost and enduring to the end; each applied consistently at a deeper level. Charity-- By always having the Holy Ghost being filled with charity, asking seeking and earning this gift. Time management, obedience, prioritizing, urgency... (let me know your thoughts on these, especially time management in the regard of effectiveness and charity;sincerity;patience). Becoming a better teacher by alluding to Christ, bearing testimony, listening, teaching with simplicity, stories and examples and love. There are many more goals in self development in every aspect, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. I have shared some highlights and how I will accomplish them. I have daily goals and ways to accomplish those goals written side by side, this has helped me be accountable and make goals habits.

Please let me know your thoughts, feelings and ideas especially in goal setting and implementing. What works for you? Your inspiration and ideas. Thank you.

Love you all!

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