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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 88 His work, His way

Dear family and friends,

All is well...I am at an awesome point in my mission when I can focus all of my energy and attention on the people I serve and serve with. This last week was the tipping point for this transfer, as many investigators made the decision to be baptized and put in the effort accompanying that decision. 

These people are incredible and impress me every day. The members are more than behind us as we work with them and establish the church here. Bishop loves us like his sons and he is escatic about missionary work. He is squared away and understands the importance of personal ministry. He has great realtionships with all the invesigators and we are holding a ward dinner Saturday night and fasting together for missionary work this coming Sunday.

I testify of what you already know, that this is the Lord's work and he hastens it in his own time. He most often hastens our progression when all else seems to be stagnent and dull if we let Him do so. To briefly illustrate this... A lady we met on a bus is going to be baptized with her son soon. Why? Because we talked to her. A family is going to be baptized soon that found us from one of the thousands of pamphlets we give.  They called us...  Why? Because we gave someone, somewhere a pamphlet. A man that has met with missionaries before came up to one of the members and said "I am ready to meet with your boys".  

Now  I can't fully explain the why of all these miracles and many more, however, I can say that if we had not talked to these people or given that one person a pamphlet or maybe asked for referrals in the past from that particular member that arranged our meeting with his friend, these things would not have been and lives and potential would go unchanged and untapped,

What I am saying is that these last 6 weeks have had their fair share of highs and lows during all of this time we were exhausted and at times saddened by all of the dissapointments or interference of others. However, I feel that so many people throw in the towel right as they are about to hit knock out. Sometimes it just takes going a little bit longer, a little bit harder, doing a bit more, remembering that this is His work and it will be done his way. Ideally and certainly more joyful together the work or our eternal progression will always be hastened if we but turn to Him and do it His way.

As we were asked this week why we are on a mission my mind thought of our missionary purpose that clearly states the why of and the how of our ministry. That is why I am here. However, more personalized I would say my reason for being on a misson is to give others full access to the Atonement and Godliness. 

I allude to Mosiah chapter 14 whenever I feel like I am alone and like know one understands. I remebering reading this chapter one day and this was after a particular hard week. Many shattered hopes and goals as people used their agency. I remember reading and I heard a voice come into my  mind echoing "you think I don't know"?  I continued reading on and felt Christ's and God the Father's encompassing and surreal love for each of us. Such an experience is difficult to fully describe but was powerful and life changing. The Atonement is real both the reedeming and enabling power. They love us. I love them that is my manifesto.

We are doing great Just enjoying every moment. I don't fear going home, but I will miss this chapter of life. This sounds monotonous, but I love this time, this service and these people. Comparatively I would be nothing with out all of this growth under gone and life lessons learned, and people in my life. All of which that comes from doing His work His way. Thank you for all that you do and the consistent example that you set. 

 Love Elder Lunt

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