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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 33

Wow I cant beleive the transfer is coming to and end,this Friday. I will find out if i stay or go within a few hours Elder Burt and I had a great talk and I learned that you come closer to people over time its something that can not be forced. The last email I was worried about him and the weight of group leader on him, that so often brought him to tears. But the communication was off that day. And we talked when we got home and had a great talk. He is a great guy I love him and have learned a lot from him. He has changed in the last few weeks and especially in the last 3 months, its cool to see and point out to him. He is getting better at talking to people and talking/ expressing his emotions rather than letting them build. He said he doesn't feel ready to train or be group leader but nobody does, and that's where the Lord comes in, we will see what happens tonight. I know he could do it and will do it if called upon. Its been a great transfer, one I will always remember.

We were blessed with a baptism today, one of the most elect I have ever seen. I want you to meet her some day. She was ready for baptism. She never missed a commitment and she is one of the most Christ like people I have ever met. She was found by contact on the street. Its a testimony to me how important it is to talk to as many as you can wherever you go. It was a great story that I will tell in person someday. I wanted Elder Burt to baptise her but its always their choice. Everything went well and it was a spiritual experience for her and us. So many neat experiences and miracles on the daily I wish I had time to tell you all of them. 

I look forward to the next transfer to see what it brings, it will be hard to leave so many of these people, who I feel so close to, and they said I better not go and that they will write the president if i go haha Armenian s, they are great. But whatever revelation Pres received for me I know its what the Lord wants and I will never complain or go with a bad attitude. This isn't my mission, none of it is about me and so wherever I go or stay and whoever with, is what the Lord wants and there is many lessons to be learned in every companionship and area. I continually pray that all the transfers will be decided by inspiration and revelation. Love you guys so much and will send some pics of last week's baptism and today's baptism. I have been so blessed to be able to serve here and come close to so many. Love all, sorry its a short one today, ofik (member) and lena (new convert) are waiting on us to finish email and baptism paperwork before we take them by taxi back to alaverdi. Love you guys so much and know we are very busy and I am exhausted every day and giving this all that I have got. Love you.

P.S. The Russian is coming along well, I had a short conversation in Russian with a taxi driver the other day, I learn just from talking to the people and asking questions its fun and a great tool for talking to people, they love answering questions. 

Love Elder Lunt

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