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Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 35

Dear family and friends, its been a week full of hard work. Proabably the hardest weeks Ive worked. We did whatever we could do for meetings including skipping meals and studies and staying out right til we are required to be back in. We were blessed with a lot of lessons, elder kay said it was more than they got in a month. Elder Kay is a great guy we get a long well. He keeps up with the pace and we are working hard. We also have a good time and lots of laughs together. Hes a great, funny guy I love it. I want to see him step up more in lessons and in being the senior in the area. He has a hard time with the language and I know it frustrates him, hes getting better I am doing all I can to help but it just comes down to how bad a person really wants it. How hard they are willing to work for it when most wouldn't. Hard work beats smarts in every scenario. I am not perfect at the language but I have been blessed with the gift of tongues through hard work, prayer, and fasting. How important it is to realize that we truly are nothing with out God. 

The area is doing great. There are some amazing people here that I am already close with. Unlike Alaverdi there are a lot of priesthood holders here and there is a super funny guy named armen that comes with us to lessons a lot hes awesome and has a huge heart, we are already brothers hes only 26 and we have a great time together. I am grateful for these pioneers and all they do to make the sacrafices they do to help build the kingdom in Hrazdan. We have a few serious investigators right now that are progressing at their own rate, some of them seem to be taking one step forward and two back. This area is great but it has its challenges just like every area. The work is a little slow right now. We are doing everything we can to get members with us at lessons. And trying to plan well every night. Its hard when we plan really well and the days keep falling through. Every single day this week almost everything fell through and its been a lot of on the go planning, but all we can do is account to the Lord to see what we need to do better. We are trying to branch out, as stake president directed us. We go to a town about 10 miles away every few days and talk to people on the streets for about an hour or so. Its called sakadzor and Its the park city of Armenia. I dont like going there, its too rich, worldy and distracting.We feel like this area has a lot of potential that may have not been reached. So we are putting our minds together and changing how we do things so we can change this area for the better.

I am doing well for the most part, some days are better than others but I am trying to always keep my head up. Just figuring out how to best manage my time so that I can focus on the district and the investigators. District meeting went well last week, according to everyone. Elder Kay was assigned the language subject and did great. As for the District meeting itself I just felt we needed to review and refocus on a few things given to us by a area seventy. I opened it up to the district for some of the subjects, the best way to learn is to be "enlightened together". It was good and everyone participated. I love these people its undescriable, they are my family, they are no different from you or I, and often times desire the exact same things. I wish you could meet them i really do. Iove you all and pray for you daily.

Love Elder Lunt

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