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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Week 31 Early Christmas for us! PICTURES and SKYPING

Brian wrote on Monday telling us the people in Alaverdi that owned the cafe they would email at decided to leave to go to Russia with no plans of coming back. We were a little nervous we wouldn't get to talk to him for Christmas. He emailed again saying he would be on skype this morning. We were so beyond happy and excited to talk to him. He is doing great and it was touching to see him and hear his voice. He has developed a slight accent and was having trouble with his English at times :) It was every bit of awesome! We miss him so much but have never been more proud of him and the important message he is sharing as he brings people to Christ. We know he is doing what our Heavenly Father intended him to do!

Brian's testimony:

Elder Lunt's testimony in Armenian  (click on link)

Message to friends and family   (click on link)

Skyping with Brian

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