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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 28

Dear all, 
I am doing great and have been really blessed. We had a good thanksgiving (beats mine last year with the army...) I thought it was neat that if we were really thankful we would show it by our works and thats exactly what we did this thanksgiving as we treated it as a normal day of missionary work and I fasted for this work, people and you. As i did so the blessings came, noticeable and others not so noticeable. We had our first baptism, and I she chose me to baptize her, it went well, her name is susuan. The longer I serve in this area, the more I realize that It was prepared  for me and that I was prepared for it. These great people that I have formed such close relationships with them, they are my type of people, good, humble, soft hearted people. I love them, and I hurt when they hurt and am happy when they are happy, I would do anything for most of them. I hate seeing the pain in sadness in their eyes from their heavy load of burdens but the joy and happiness I feel when I see the light and hope from this perfect message is one I cannot describe. 

I realize as I look on the promises from my Patriarchal blessing that the Lord knew about this my whole life, even long before that. And all that I have experienced in my life good and bad has given me experience for this. I feel that everything in my life has lead up to this point, here, now and serving these people. Its the first time in my life where I feel that I have reached my what I am capable of. All of this is part of his great plan.  The Lord has prepared them for me and me for them. So much that has happened in my life in the military and even before the military has prepared me to lead, love and learn and grow from these people. Its indescribable how inspired and divine His plan is and how everyday I notice so many things of why I am here at this time, and why I opened this area last transfer. I wish I could fully describe it to you, but it just builds my testimony even more. To know that the Lord is always aware of whats going on and that he always has a bigger plan and purpose for all of us in mind, that only we can accomplish through him. I realize that none of this experience and potential would have ever been reached if I had not turned everthing over to him and desiced to serve a mission. And as I can only describe so much all my thoughts feelings and testimonies in most of these letters, I simply say that he lives, loves and knows every single one of us. I know that if we turn everything over to him and "fear not" he will provide a way to accomplish all that he asks of us. 

This week I noticed Elder Burt ' himself and I felt that I needed to ask how he was doing and so I followed that prompting and he broke down and said that the grind of all this was taking its toll on him. I put everything on hold and we had a good man to man talk for over an hour. He said he felt a lot better and expressed his thanks. He is a great missionary and just a great person. Hes never said anything rude or bad about anyone. We are extremely different in likes and intretests, but same in purpose and I love him.  We get along great. And It was a good reminder to not over work him but not take the load he feels, I cant rob him of that opportunity to grow. The latest news on the building is that the paperwork is in moscow, and the decision is being made, I heard 2 or 3 weeks, but nobody really knows for sure. I am praying for sooner, to give these great people what they deserve. The work is great in our area and I am so close with so many of the members and investigators. I wish you could meet them. I taught guitiar lessons to a girl the other day, her dad is petros (the guy we rebaptized 2 months ago) It was fun jam out a little even though it sounded awful (out of tune). So many of the people we met with ask "when are you coming back". The spirit is with us and I told my great parents in a personal letter, that one of the best things of being a missionary is the power and capabitly you have is limitless, with and only through the Lord. I will share a quick experience this last week, as we were in a lesson, this new investigator said quote "whoa when you speak I feel something burning inside" Without hesistation through the spirit the words left my mouth "every time you meet with us, I promise you will feel this happy feeling you feel now". It was a neat experience and is just one of the many that happen daily. This is real, this is true, and its the only thing that will bring you real joy and lasting happiness in this hard life. I love you guys and pray for you all daily. Love your son, brother, friend, soldier and missionary. 

Elder Lunt

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