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Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 30

Dear friends and family, 
I'm doing good. It sounded like everything went well and the Navy did an honor guard for his service. I was more prepared for Grandpa's passing during this time than Josh's passing, so I am at peace with it, that being said it still hurts and takes consistent prayer to overcome. "He went home for Christmas", I like that simple, short statement. My companion is doing good ( I think) he is still very quiet I have gotten use to it, I didn't realize how lonely it was until Elder shields came on a split with me. It was good to have someone to talk to. I am really close to elder shields so it will be hard to see him go on Wednesday.  I love him and learned a lot from him during the split and the last 6 months here. As for Elder Burt and I, we have open communication but I feel like there is something he might be bottling up, he will be fine though, he's a good missionary. We have been extremely blessed with investigators, when Elder wood and I started we didn't have any and now we have been blessed with around 30, I would say over half are progressing towards baptism at their own rate but only a handful come to church . We are extremely busy and there could easily be getting another companionship here. The people here are different than the rest of Armenia, there is a lot more poverty here but the people are so humble. Well sorry its a short one. Love you guys and look forward to getting on Skype!

Love Elder Lunt

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