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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 29

Dear family and friends, I love hearing from all of you and the updates back home. This last Sunday we went to stake conference in Yerevan and listened to general authorities, we took many of the investigators and most of the members in 2 vans, it was hard gathering everyone but it all worked out for the most part. I had the chance to meet that guy Jorge who spoke in General conference and he's really cool and normal, I was going to get a pic with him but some Armenians needed something and he had to go. Anyways we are doing well, Elder Burt is a good man and good missionary. He gets stressed and worried with planning for the day and when things fall through. But I am working on it with him and he's doing better and better each day. He still doesn't talk much at all but i've just gotten use to it and It makes prayer that much better and talking with Armenians. I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and its indescribable how much I love these people that I serve. I will always remember this service here in this special area. I don't have much time left and my fingers are way cold so its hard to type fast but I love you all and miss you. Some quick things I want to share from Stake conf when Jorge (is that his name?) spoke. He said that our only motivation for doing the things we are doing needs to be because we love god. I really thought about this and am applying these words. He also said that we need to be doing 5 things to keep us strong, first daily thoughtful prayer. second daily scripture study and pondering and applying what we study. three church attendance all 3 hours. "I am a general authority and I need all 3 hours of church" were his exact words. fourth thing was accepting all callings and like my Dad always says leaving it better than you found it, no matter what your assigned to do. Fifth thing was pay full tithe and share the gospel. He promised so many blessing with each one of these and I promise you the same blessings. I cant say what it will be for you individual lives but I know the blessings will come. So many times people we teach wonder why things are so hard. Yes life is hard but when we don't do the things that make us happy and bring blessings its even worse. Mosiah 2; 41 is one I use a lot with people and blessings of commandments and Heleman 5;12 for staying strong against the world and satan when we do what we are asked. Love you guys and invite and pray that you guys do these things talked about. Love you all and am grateful for your impact and example that got me to this point. I am grateful for all the bday wishes and letters from all of you, I apologize that I don't have time to read  or respond to all but I am grateful for your thoughts and good wishes. Love you all.

Love Elder Lunt

Never thought I would say it...I am vegetarian, I don't eat the meat/try not too because of the nasty processing. This is the average meal fruits and veggies, this week a summer salad. Well love you guys!

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