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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 15 Barev vons ek

Wow, these weeks are going by faster and faster its crazy!  This last week was tiresome and difficult but very rewarding and blessed. Alaverdi is doing great,We are trying to resolve some of the feuds between members, some of the members here are so crazy and just so funny they make me laugh any day. We are still working through the stake pres here to get a building for church so we dont have to meet in our members home. Thats about the only thing holding us back and they should happen pretty soon. I went to Georgia this week, well close...we were about a few hundred yards from the border and we saw some of it. We taught a members sister up there about the restoration and my companion and I are working on 50:50 teaching ration and its working out great, and she is now an active investigator. We have been blessed greatly with finding people. we were blessed with 6 new investigators 2 weeks ago and 4 this last week, its been a great blessing. Things are great and very tiresome, Its a different kind of hard that I would have ever expected, its great though. The language is still hard but i grow more an more everyday so I am just trying to stay patient with it. We have been focusing a lot on finding people that were baptized years ago through members partial address and old phone numbers, and sometimes nothing other than a prayer. Its been neat to see these prayers heard and answered. This country is really pretty and neat in some ways but the thing I would say that makes this country as great as it is, is not the country, but the people in it. I know this sounds like a stereotypical missionary answer but its because its the truth. The people here are so friendly and always just want to help and give, even when they have nothing to give. We are always being given stuff and fruit and the list goes on. Its cool to see and most of the time they don't even know us. Its a great life experience here and more importantly I am growing so much spiritually as well as through the spirit helping others do the same. There is a whole other reservoir of spiritual growth I would have never unlocked if i hadn't made the decision to be here. I am very grateful. When I look at it though i realize the only thing im giving back to the lord is the only thing I have to give. My WILL/ My mind and my heart. Everything else he has already given me. The Lord has everything. Everything except your heart and your mind if you with hold it from him. I am truly learning what that means. To center my mind on the Lord and those I am serving and not dwelling on things back home, or the past, or whatever it may be. It takes daily prayer and constant practice. I am becoming so close to many of these people here and I love them so much. I lose sleep for ones that reject us especially ones with so much potential. 2 Nephi 33:3...Its a sad thing to deal with daily but you cant let it get you down. I love the lord and I am out here for him and no other reason, I am being stretched and pulled in ways that I would have never wanted to be stretched in pulled if left to my own decision but thats all apart of the molding process, and i am grateful for it. I always try look for opportunities to grow, and more importantly help others grow. Love you all so much. 

Love Elder Lunt

Some quick background info... Armenia in the north has a lot of Russian influence..I am as far north before you go to Georgia as the mission gets, and I am picking up some Russian, and in the south it has a lot of  middle eastern influence so I've heard. and the southern tip called harabats I think is how its spelled in English is currently at war and has been for years with Azerbaijan, many young boys in the "banack"/army die each month there. But armenia is not like any other culture race or religion. It is its own race. and they take much pride in their race and their church, being the 1st to accept Christianity, and in their language, being close to first of the first several languages. Its great here and very intresting. They have many pretty old churches that I have been able to visit on pdays. pics coming soon...

P.S. My english gets worse daily so sorry if I sound weird when I write

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