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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 16

Dear Everyone who reads this...Wow its been a tough week. First off I will start with the positive. People and things in Alaverdi continue to progress day by day. Its such a testimony grower seeing the Lord's hand in all that we do. Everything from being in the right place at the right time and leading us to those who are prepared for this gospel. We are finding so many new investigators, that are interested but aren't if that makes sense. Many of them just aren't progressing which is really sad to see. We are doing all that we can to help them, but at the end of the day, when we do all we can, its left up to their agency. This week has been tough and a bit humbling. Just like everyone else the language takes me to my knees at times. Its hard to not be able to express exactly what I want to say to these great people. But its something every foreign missionary goes through and I am no exception. I am a very confident person so it can be hard to be humbled by a language at times. Its all good though and I know that I am progressing day by day and that I am truly doing all I can to qualify for the help of the Lord. It still is hard though at times. Its been a fairly discouraging week. I have been having a hard time focusing my mind. I don't think about friends and family that much but I still think about you all more than I should. Its hard when I hear a song from America, smell, picture, and other things that triggers a memory and can be discouraging and distracting at times. The Language took me to my knees this week and a many other things kicked me while I was down. And so many little things and big added up to the pile of discouragement and frustration. Its hard to not let it get to you and not to think about how good you used to have things..For example I don't fit in my bed hahah kinda funny... We ran out of food just in time for fast Sun the next day. We went to market before bed and they were out of everything we usually get. We went home empty handed, cutting into our free time before bed and some street punks pushed me around and tried to get me to swing. Definitely test after test this week and I wish I could say I handled them all like Christ would of..but that would be a lie. Its no doubt been hard.  Just because we are trying to do our best and what the Lord wants us to do, does not mean that we will not have trials. Where would the test of faith be if when we did good, life was great. Happiness isn't the absence of a load but it's what makes us who we are and what can build or break your testimony. Its on us. Please try to remember to see things and people the way Christ would. Always easier said than done especially in the moment. I never thought I would react to some things listed above as calmly as I have. It's not me though, I know its with the help of Christ that I am able to not shrink in my trials. And through Him, repent when I do. In closing I would ask to whoever reads this,that you would please make time in your busy lives to do three things that help you progress. If the members of Armenia were doing these three things daily, the active membership would actually be what it says on paper around 3,600 but in reality its around 900 to 1000 if that. 
These simple three things: read the scriptures dailypray, attend church (all 3 meetings if possible). If you have that opportunity where you live, do not take it for granted like I used to. This is called (by us missionaries) the tripod and it's the most common lesson we teach here. With these three things we have so many promised blessing; try them, just for a week if you don't believe me. I promise you that if you do these 3 things in your life, no matter what you are going through, smooth or rough, right now it will be easier to bear because you will have the spirit in your life and qualify for the help of angels. I could not do anything of this without the help of the Lord. I promise you all these things in my God who I trust and serve. Love you all and miss you. 

Love Elder Lunt

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