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Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 18

ench ka em unkerner (ha doesnt translate well...what up my friends), well i apologize for not writing a big letter last week, I ran out of time. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been praying for all of you and hope that life is giving you what you deserve. This last week has flown by, its crazy. It has been a great, busy and productive last few weeks. I cant even write all that has taken place. Its an adventure every day. The language is coming a long great. I am starting to think in Armenian and have armenian dreams. I understand most of whats being said, most of the time. And can speak pretty well for where I am at, so ive been told. I can now show my personalilty through this language and am connecting with people, its been great, but my english is getting kinda bad. Early this week, they sent an elder from my group named elder williams upon his request to come all the way up to alaverdi from yerevan (3 hour drive). He has been struggling with the mission a lil bit and we talked on the phone last week and said that he needed help and some advice so I did what I could. He came to Alaverdi and we did a split together in my area, it was great and things went  well. we taught some of our investigators and it went great. (we have about 12 which is un heard of here, we have been very blessed, and president is very happy). I also gave E. williams quite a bit of advice on how to get through the hard times and that through the hard times, is when we experience the most growth in life. He was pretty greatful for the split, and it benefited the both of us, so it was good. I love our area and have absoulutly fallen in love with the people and this goregeous area. The people are so glad to have missionaries again, and this area is more than ready to have the gospel again. This week we taught the branch president that was excoummunicated in alaverdi (he was the reason for alaverdi closing/no priesthood) he came down for a few days from russia. and the 1st presidency said he could be rebaptized. So we are teaching him two lessons and he gets rebaptized on tuesday, ha kinda cool, the atonement is amazing. But he goes back to russia soon, so we still have no priesthood in alaverdi. Its all good though, that will change. This area is exploding, the" work is ripe and ready to harvest"and we are getting a building in the next few weeks. We have been so blessed, I cant even tell you a fraction of all that has happend and the miracles Ive seen. So I have a funny story. Its already getting cold in the north/ Alaverdi and so we have had to use our box heater that plugs into the wall already, and this morning the water heater and the lights on with the box going broke the circuit and we didnt know where to flip the breaker so my comp and i went out in the hall of all the appartments and I started fliping breakers only to hear people's answer machines and other things get reset, and i hear people yelling and coming twoards the hall way, so I ran back in our appartment with my comp and people were so upset in the hallway haha, and one was a former investigator haha. kinda funny, but the best part is that the breaker was in our house behind a door hahah opps. Well church was good yesterday its still at a members house, and my companion is the group leader (the bishop and conducts the meeting) Well i wish I had the time to say all that is going on here, but i hope you all are doing great. Love you all. 

Elder  Lunt

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