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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 14

Hello all who read this! I can't believe its already been a week. Time flies when you having fun right? Well its been a great week PACKED with all sorts of stories,experiences and events. I fell like I tell my story for each week so many times, after I write it in the journal then emailing a few times, sometimes I feel like an old man telling the same story over again because I cant remember who already told what too haha. This week we meet with many less active members. I have such a big testimony of finding people. Since my companion and I have opened this new area. We have a lot of finding to do. I witnessed the guidance of the Lord daily. Time after time we find people that don't have addresses or phone numbers, its very neat and just makes me smile at times and have even more satisfaction in what I am doing every day. I have never had so much purpose when I get out of bed in the morning. I just know that what I am doing is true and who I am doing it for is even more important. There is nothing more important that inviting others to come unto Christ. Its an honor that I and each missionary has each day. Like I said last week, I have never been happier in my life. I really mean this. This doesn't mean that there is not trials, hardships and disappointments and sometimes sadness, the sun,wind and rain beat down on me just the same as another missionary and or person. I have learned that I am truly happy only when I am teaching and testifying to people. No pday activity, no emailing session, no workout in the morning can or will give me as much joy as I get from teaching people and building up the lords gospel in Aliverdi. This is what I mean when I saw I am truly happy. I am very greatful and humble to be here. I love each minute of it, and am trying to soak it all up before it passes me by. We were blessed this week with many new investigators and its so neat to see people come closer to the lord. The language is coming along more and more with each day. Line upon line. I went on a transfer with an elder named elders shields who is such a bro and loves bullit bikes and running so we get along great. He being the zone leader came to Aliverdi and he said that this hardly ever happens when someone in thier training is showing around their Zone Leader and setting up appointments and teaching lessons and speaking as much as him. He was impressed and had some nice things to say. We went on a 6 mile run the next morning in the mountains of Aliverdi...so gorgeous! And so many hills it was a killer run, we kept raising the bar on each other so it was a great time and elder shields puked after haha I win...I still work out everday and love running and the armenians in our town love watching me run hahah i know kinda weird but they are really impressed with me and out neighbor Mikyle a huge boxer saw me outside our door stretching after a run waiting for my companion (elder Wood) and he told me to come over and so we did as soon as elder wood got back. He pulled out boxing gloves and training equipment and just when I thought he was about to run off with my face he told me to start hitting him. It was kinda crazy but so fun. I felt bad elder wood just watched. And Armenians are brutally honest so they always tell me how much of a super star I am physically and they tell Elder wood that hes "the saddest thing they have ever seen" closed quote, Armenians... gotta love em. Its all good they tell me i speak like an idiot all the time...water off my back. So long story short our neighbor who we really want to teach because hes a living legend in Aliverdi and everyone loves him, is giving me boxing lessons a few times a week. I love learning how to box and getting to know a potential investigator. I feel bad though, because elder wood just has to watch but hes cool with it he says. Besides that its a win win situation. Its been a great week. I am teaching with my companion with unity and equality and most importantly with the spirit. I am connecting with these people and they love listening to an american speak their language like a bro, I speak using a lot of bro talk and they think its the funniest thing. Well I love you all and hope your all doing great. I pray for each of you by name each day.Love Elder Lunt

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