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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 79 "Much to be thankful for" PICTURES

Dear family and friends,
Thank you for all of your emails, love and support. It sounds like everyone is doing well and is enjoying the holiday season. This last week was full of learning and confirmations of faith. Elder Kacher finished up Zone Conferences in our mission and left us with plenty to facilitate and ponder. He is a great leader and I am thankful for his advice and counsel.

There were so many incredible miracles that took place this last week. As I was reading in the book of Alma, specifically Alma 29 I was pondering what it really means to be a successful missionary or person in that sense. I have often felt that the happiest times on my mission is when I can feel that the Lord is using me as an instrument in his hands, and like Alma says "that is my joy".

 At times it is hard to know weather or not you are doing what the Lord wants you to do. It goes back to supplicating the power of the Holy Ghost, the right to have a member of the Godhead with us all the time. Heeding to that power that Heavenly Father waits so anxiously to give. Many of which were the items that we talked about during Zone Conferences.

As I had a self assessment one evening this previous week I felt that I was changing lives as an instrument in God's hands. Allowing him to work through me, as a tool in his hands. As I notice God's love by feeling the Holy Ghost speaking through me, expanding my knowledge and granting to me gifts of the spirit, I feel so blessed and at times wonder why I have been given all that I have. Although I have a ways to go to attain the level of conversion Alma had, at times I feel so immersed with joy and love that all I want to do is be better in helping others come to Christ  and "my joy exceeds that of my strength".

There is evident power in ordinances done by correct authority. We are currently teaching a family from **** (Husband, wife and they have a son that doesn't come for now..). The husband could be baptized tomorrow and has received his answers. The wife was having a hard time with understanding faith and the true relationship in which we have with our Father in Heaven through prayer. She had prayed many times and didn't get direct answers. 

She and her husband came to a baptism this last week and as we met with them after the baptism the wife looked at me and in her best English said "Lunt, I felt those feelings you were talking about. I got my answer". The spirit of revelation pervaded the room and then what happened next magnified the presence of the spirit.

She said they both want to be baptized but because it is to dangerous for them, only the husband will be baptized. At this point both of them in tears, the wife said "If something happens to us for converting to Christianity, one of us needs to be alive to raise our son". As I looked into their eyes, I was overcome with such love for these amazing people who only want the best for their family in this life and the life to come. I asked them to think and pray about it and whatever they decide I respect. They agreed and we had a great lesson on faith I will never forget.

The missionary fireside was a great time and we had a lot of fun with the youth, practicing role plays and getting them involved. The youth in the Church in Armenia have such great potential that I love to see the leaders foster.

 I love this work, I love this knowledge that keeps me grounded in a world of shifting values. I love my companion and his example and many things he has taught me. I love these people and how open their hearts are to the gospel as they connect with the light of Christ.

 I am so grateful for my many opportunities and blessings. I am overcome with joy and happiness whenever I think of the perfect love of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I am grateful for my earthly parents and all that they went through to teach me. Truly each of us has much to be thankful for. It is in our example that we truly exude that love and light as a sign of gratitude towards all and our Father in Heaven.I love you all and I pray for you daily. 

Thank you, love Elder Lunt

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