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Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 76

Dear Mom and Dad, family and friends
Wow, it has been a while since I have been able to write you guys a personal note. I want to start off telling you how much I am learning and growing in every single way. I have been blessed in every facet of life.

 As I reflect upon my mission the reality of God's omniscience and power is incredible.I attribute all accolades of success, empowerment, joy and more which I have experienced upon him. I also want to underline the fact that nothing has come without exhausting effort, disappointment and set backs, there is always a price for anything we aspire to do in life. 

Today I want to take a brief moment and express my thoughts and feelings; as I realize that many of my letters lately have been a bit impersonal and abstract to address a general audience. This may be on the blog or social media sites, but today this letter is directed specifically for my family.

As I said earlier I have grown in so many ways. I often only write about positive uplifting experiences, but as I said nothing has come with out a price. It is not always easy, there is a list of things that try and test me daily many of which I will wait to talk about until I tell you in person but there a few I will share with you today and more importantly the power to overcome and become.

I miss you, I miss my friends that have passed away while serving my mission, I hurt for these people when they have an opportunity of a lifetime and throw it away. I hurt for missionaries when they limit themselves and feel that they are the exception and can't overcome their trials. The list goes on. The solution is small but the consequences are enormous. The power of reaction. "Life is based upon 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react". 

The biggest difference is to whom we turn to in times of trial. At times I look in the mirror and just think "look what you have become"; in all reality it goes like this "look what you have let him make of you". I often think of the C.S. Lewis quote "Give unto me yourself, hand it all over, no half measures will do, I want the whole thing, give me your all and I will give you my all. I will make of you a new self in my image". We all have divine potential within us, foreordained purposes, the power is within us all if we give all of ourselves to Jesus Christ in times of both tranquility and testing.

A brief explanation about my future as I have pondered and prayed about some big decisions that need to be made and after a few months of procrastination I felt I needed to tell you now. I plan on going to U of U when I get home and becoming an officer through the OCS program (use the guard to get me where I need). I want to go into law or business and set my path for Harvard or an ivy league school, after that the options are limitless, politics, CEO, etc. I want to have the biggest sphere of influence for the good. Biggest priority is and always will be family. 

I love these people so much and I cherish the eternal relationships with them. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity and learn much from those I serve. Mission Leadership Council this last week went well. After the matter I was overcome with exhaustion but I thought after the meeting how much I have grown and learned. I love Elder Jowers and this time with him I learn so much that prepares me for marriage and life. He is a great man and a partner for life.

Although it's nothing close to what I would like it to be, these are just a few personal thoughts, feelings and promptings, I wanted to let you all know. I miss you and love and pray for you daily.

Elder Lunt

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