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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 78 "All is well that ends well"

Dear family and friends,
This past week was great,full of much learning it was probably one of the most tiring weeks I have had on my mission, however much learning followed. We have many investigators but only a hand full are progressing for now. 

On a more personal note I found myself with out any clarity or ability to really connect with the spirit simply said. I felt like I was relying on myself and natural abilities for the majority of this past week without the spirit or his guidance and help and it was obvious. It was exasperating and demoralizing, however full of learning opportunities.

I am grateful though for the things I learned in much in pondering, prayer and the importance in "maintaining the simplicity in Christ". I am grateful for Pres's and Elder Kacher's inspiration about the Holy ghost and how to supplicate his presence. I am grateful for the myriad of things learned this past week.

Elder Jowers and I fasted for the investigators this last week, for personal revelation, the work to pick up and to help us know how to change in every element of the work to bring the desired results. There is an excitement and change that is taking place in the mission as the work hastens and we more rapidly start our ascent to reaching another level of missionary work. All for helping others...

I learned much from Elder Kacher and his wife and you and Sister Carlson. I thank you for that and the amount of preparation put into to all of the Zone Conferences. In our interviews I  got some great advice from Elder Kacher about leadership and what to change. I am grateful for him and his inspired discipleship and profound advice. 

The miracles and the power behind us further outweigh the trails and task ahead. We found some great families this last week and many of which will make it to baptism. One of which we found in a park while on our way to another appointment. They are from Jordan and speak Arabic and English. They are incredible and progressing.

 Another funny highlight, I got thrown off a bus for preaching the gospel about the Book of Mormon specifically, yes literally "thrown" luckily they stopped the bus. It was pretty funny. A guy at the bus stop saw the whole bus yelling at us and kick us out and asked what happened. I just said "I don't even know". It was something Elder Jowers and I had a good laugh about. Elder Jowers is awesome and I love him much. We correct each other and build each one another up in every in every way out of a motivation of love. 

Love you all!

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