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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 70

Hello all!
Transfer week! As most of you already know I am staying with Elder Jowers for another 3 months, it will be a total of 6 months with him and 9 months as an Assistant. Elder Jowers and I are both ecstatic to serve together again as leaders and we have a great vision and many high goals of what we want to make happen this transfer. It will be a great transfer and we are happy to have the opportunity to serve and lead together again.

Transfers were exhausting but at the same time spiritually recharging. It was incredible to see how amazing all 12 of the new missionaries are as we did interviews with all of them. There was a power and light within each of them and we are excited to see the talents, attributes and gifts they are bringing to these people. As we did a finding activity with the new missionaries, half of them came with me and we went to work on the street for a few hours. After 10 min it was inspiring to see them all talking to people, spreading the gospel and the joy it was bringing to them as well as listener. I think many of them were surprised that the language they had been learning for the last few months is actually real and people speak it. They will all be a great asset to the team and each has much to offer.

I am doing great! In every aspect, physically, mentally, spiritually I started T-25 a few days ago and I am on a controlled diet, have to gain some weight before I make it home. I continue to learn so much everyday and I try to soak it all in. And spiritually I have never been on a higher plane. I continue to experience the profound joy that comes when you feel the Lord is using you to do so his work and recognizing the change in yourself by the service rendered. 

I love these people so much! So many Armenians and Iranians have become my family and I would do anything for them. It is so amazing to see the change in them that the gospel brings, that is my joy and happiness. I love this work! I love every second of it, the hard times, the good times and everything in between. We try to make the most of everyday and we see the blessings. Almost a dozen investigators came to church yesterday and many more will be baptized this transfer.

I can not believe all the change back home it is neat to see and I am happy for all you getting married and starting families and many other great things. It is so hard to believe how fast time is going by. I try to soak up the moment and enjoy every day.  It was another great week with many great changes that we were able to help inspire in missionaries, leaders and investigators. Love you all!

Love Elder Lunt

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