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Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear family and friends, 
This past week was a great learning experience. As we participated in four zone conferences, I learned some life changing principles from each one. It was a great experience in which I learned a lot about leadership and conducting by the spirit. As well as studying from the scriptures and catching what is actually being said then likening the passage to the circumstances your or others may be in. 

I love the line in Preach my Gospel that talks about personal revelation being the principle on which the government of heaven is conducted;" by revelation adapted to the circumstances in which the children of the kingdom are placed". So many things in the gospel we say and we may think we understand and apply. Until we have our own experiences that really deepen our understanding, testimony and eventually application of the principle. It was a neat opportunity to teach the missionaries, but in reality to learn from them and learn from the spirit in personal studies, and pondering. All together it was just a great privilege to work with the missionaries in Georgia, get to know them and help them with their missionary work. 

The splits that we were able to go on were meaningful and effective. Elder Larsen and Mcarty are doing good. In the short time, hour or two I was with them, there wasn't a whole lot that I could learn or evaluate as far as the work. It was however good to get to know them. Elder Hoffman and I had a great split. He was asking me for the answers to his questions but I was able to turn his questions around and he answered them through the spirit. It was neat helping him realize that he has all the keys to success and happiness. Overall it was a great experience to be with them.

Elder Cornett and I are doing good. I tell him all the time how much I have learned from him and I don't know that he will ever realize how much has been learned from him no matter how many times I tell him. We have had very few disagreements, as different as we may be. Sometimes it has been hard to communicate with each other and the negativity can take its toll on me. I don't know what to do to help when he slips in to quiet sadness, other than try to talk to him but I am not going to always pull the problem out of him. We have talked about all this, and it is getting better. We teach unified and with the spirit. I love him and learn so much from him.

This past week was a lot of time out of our area. However it was worth it. I know that many people were helped and changed the most noticeable being myself. It was neat to have so many learning experiences in one week. I am applying what I have learned and we have already seen the results, in the middle of writing this very email. We had an new investigator come in and ask to be taught through a member that introduced us and we taught him a short lesson. If there is one thing that I would say has changed my view the most on life and especially missionary work, it would be faith in Jesus Christ which includes so much but in short, having daily experiences with him and his atonement. It's been a great week and I have been blessed to learn so much and have the blessings and opportunities that I have been given. Love you all and know that I am happy and doing great, I am enjoying this time and seeing the miracles daily.

Love Elder Lunt

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