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Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 50

Dear family and friends,
This week has been amazing, it really has. It was has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission but the weeks keep getting better and better if that makes sense. Yes, the past few weeks were hard and this one was no exception, I have felt this ENTIRE transfer I have had so many trials, I felt I have been in darkness, without clarity,happiness or the spirit. For the first time starting yesterday, during this transfer with much prayer and fasting I feel like I have been freed from the trials I was in. I feel liberated from the dark hole I was caught in and all the lonely feelings that came with it.  Now I just need to pull Elder Cornett out of it...No that will be something only the Lord can take care of. Elder Cornett and I are doing good. We see things very differently but we sort things out and our unity is coming together. I love him!

Trials are so excruciatingly hard sometimes, yet so beautiful. They are always tailored to the individual. It's like after a storm when everything is calm, it makes you appreciate the calmness and tranquility of the environment after the storm settles. Or climbing a mountain when you can summit and look back to see what you have accomplished. Although through out the journey of the climb you may not see the summit in other words the purpose of the climb, being obstructed by trees, rocks or cliffs. You may feel lost alone or afraid but you keep going in faith, even when that is all you are going off of. It is during the climb that determines whether or not you go up or down. But as soon as you summit and look back and see the entire ascent itself in clarity, you appreciate how hard the climb really was and the person it made you. Seeing everything clearly you refocus on the purpose of the climb, you can see the big picture and appreciate the stronger person it made you. Only to descend and scale a bigger mountain.

This last week was one full of miracles. We were blessed to baptize 4 very elect men that have taught me so much especially about humility like unto a child Mosiah 3:19. We had a lot of tender mercies this week but one I want to share is that the Lord always gives us whatever we want. We just have to show him how bad we want it. We have been working  hard and our desires our right, as we ask for investigators, really plead to find them or them us. The Lord has blessed us this transfer and this week with investigators prepared to hear the gospel. We found a big family this week and as we talked about the book of Mormon and they were all gathered around attentively listening, the spirit was there in abundance. It was a great faith building experience! The members are amazing here. The best in my opinion as far as members supporting the missionaries goes. 

We are seeing miracles everyday and differences in peoples lives both big and small. If I can just make someone smile or brighten their day a little bit. Then I have fulfilled my purpose. This last week I saw and old grandma that always sits on a bench by our house, she wears the same clothes every time I see her. A yellow sweater  she  looks tired, alone and sad. This particular time as I  walked by and I saw a dandi lion in the grass, without hesitation I picked the flower and gave it to her. I told her it was beautiful like her and to remember that. As I was walking away I looked back to wave only to see her smelling the flower with the biggest toothless grin, full of light and happiness I have ever seen . Its the small things that make a difference in people's lives. Everyone just wants to be loved in this hard world. It was a great reminder to me. 

Elder Lunt

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