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Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 51

Happy Mother's day to the best women I know! Who has given me so much! Love you Mom.

It was great seeing you yesterday and hearing your voices. I love you and I realized how big my family is now, so many of you at home and here that were and now are apart of my family. Congrats to Heather on her baby and I cant wait to see him when I get home!

Another great week has come and gone. It has been busy, balancing the needs of the missionaries and those we serve daily. It's great and we learn so much. We are excited for Zone Conferences and the eternal purpose they will contain. We have been praying and pondering, trying to rely heavily upon the Lord for guidance in our plans according to the needs of his missionaries. We are excited for the things we will learn from the spirit in each one of the meetings.

Elder Cornett is doing a lot better. It has been hard with all the constant ups and downs of his trials, and can be hard to not eventually be affected by the sadness or quietness he slips into.  I politely, and more formally expressed to him, that he may need to lose himself in the work more when those times of darkness come, that means off and on the court (outside of the apartment and inside) and gave some advice on a variety of ways to do so.  

We all have different trials but the source of power and liberation comes from the same eternal being, that being Jesus Christ. I have some reasons to be sad and down, but I have more to be positive and happy and at the end of the day that is the easier way, his way, Christ's way. Giving it all over to the Lord, that means your thoughts and hardships, and constantly trying to ALWAYS remember him!

 Elder Cornett is an amazing disciple of Christ and he has taught me a lot that has changed my life and will change others. I love him and I know that this transfer is inspired just as every other one on my mission. We have a big week coming up, it will be good. Thanks for all that you do and the influence and affect you have had on me and indirectly on these people through me. 

Love you all, Elder Lunt

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