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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 11

Hey everyone! Well my thoughts are a bit scrambled today, so I aplologize if this is hard to follow. I am doing so great. We just moved to Aliverdi and got in our apartment yesterday and got all unpacked officially. Our apartment is pretty nice for the most part. We live in the prettiest area in the whole mission. Aliverdi is gorgeous. Its in a valley surrounded by mountains and lush trees. There is a huge river that runs in the town and is very pretty. We live on a steep hill right underneath the mountain. There are two parts too the city. Valley and the Plateau. There is a ski lift that takes you up to the Plateau but its broken right now. Most of the members live on the plateau. Its so gorgeous. We are the only companionship in the area and so everyone always wants to see pictures of what Aliverdi looks like. Its great and the people are so nice there. None of them have any idea what or who we are so they all want to talk, and they are so loving and nice. Where as the last city/gymuri a lot of people thought we were Jehovah witnesses and some people really hated us. My friend Elder Papitch got punched a few times when we were walking down the street last week in Gyumri. It was weird, we were walking on the sidewalk and some guy ran up and hit him a few times then ran off. I was stunned and was ready to throw down but he ran off so fast. Elder papitch is a great example and didn't even care. So I am glad to be out of Gyumri and in Aliverdi for the most part, not because of that. But just because of how excited I was to get here and open this great area. Before I left Gyumrui on Sunday I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting and it went well. The Armenians and other missionaries are surprised of how much I just don't care if I make mistakes and how I just speak whenever I can. They telling me to keep that up, and quite a few have told me that I am catching on really fast. I have learned so much about everything here in the past 2 weeks than i did in the entire MTC, about the people, culture, spiritually, language and many other things. We stopped at the bishops house before we left and we were chillin in his back yard and we saw a big Marijuana plant. We asked him about it and he said that they use the seeds for cooking. Nobody here really smokes it, he said Armenians know that is makes you stupid and they stay away from smoking it haha we had some fun pics with the leaves though. Well  I love it here and am grateful for this opportunity to open this area of Aliverdi and bring the gospel to these people. I will send a few pics of the area and more to come. Love you all! 

Elder Brian Lunt

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