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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 2

Dear Mom, Dad and everyone who is reading this! WOW i cant believe i am writing some of my first missionary letters. So crazy, seemed like just yesterday I was getting yelled at by a drill sergeant. So intresting how time flies. I did get your letter through dear elder that same day. It was great thank you! I just want to tell  you all how much i am learning out here about myself and how the spirit speaks to me and how to receive revelation.
I have had so many great experiences out here and so much has happened i feel so different already. Last week was tough but I read Jake's talk from his mission pres, on Sunday called THE FOURTH MISSIONARY. It was inspiration for sure and I read all of it and loved it. So thank you Jake for that and always being such a good example to me and being such a good husband to my sister and a good father.
It changed the way I look at things and has helped me become that fourth missionary. I love it our here and am so blessed, so so blessed. I am doing well and staying motivated and following all the rules and going on with faith in things I don't understand. Faith is not which things that are understood but that which is hoped for. My heart and mind as well as desires are in the right place and I am serving with all my might, mind and strength, giving up all of myself to the Lord for that what makes you the "fourth missionary" and ultimately brings the most happiness and success. I never miss an opportunity out here to better myself so that I may be a useful tool in the Lord's hand.
The language is coming along nicely, I am not worried about it. As long as I speak with the spirit then it doesn't matter if I speak the language like a 12 year old because the spirit is what converts you, not the language, the spirit testifying of truth and happiness of the message we deliver. Again thanks to that talk Jake gave me, I don't compare myself to others because someone else is always going to be better than you, my measure of success comes from within, and looking on my past to see how much I have grown and becoming better than that each day, constantly changing and following the Savior to the ultimate goal of becoming like Him.

I am so extremely grateful that I have chose to be out here and if I have changed this much in just 2 weeks I cant even imagine the growth I will experience in two years!! I have been giving many lessons to investigators in Armenian with out notes or cards, I have relied upon the spirit and at times I have been given words to say that I don't remember normally. Its such a spiritual high out here. I am loving it. My companion's name is elder Stephen Gallardo, he is from Everett Washington. We get along pretty well, we are both very clean and organized and competitive haha I have to keep my mouth shut a lot because he likes to argue and get the last word in hahah. It can be hard sometimes because he is stuggling to be here, and he breaks some of the rules but I just do what I am suppose to and continue to be an example. 
I still run 5 miles a day somtimes more and have had to do other work outs sometimes beacause of shin splints from running everyday. I am losing weight and getting cut up.I love it though. I had two elders race me the other day, they would take turns switching off every other lap and I kept running the whole time, they didn't beat me but I paid for it with shin splints afterwards haha. Anyways I wanted to thank you for the packages and letters from my family and friends.

Mom and Dad I just wanted to tell you both how great of parents you both are and how much respect I have for the two of you. Most all the good I do out here is because of what you two have both taught me. I hope that you two are doing great and are staying close to the spirit and giving your hearts and minds to the Lord also. I know you both are busy but I challenge you two to go the the temple or do some type of REAL SERVICE/ ETERNAL SERVICE for somebody at least once a week. It's the only way to be truly happy as I am finding out. I can't express the love for you both and Michelle, Heather, Jake, Mia, Carson and Ruby, and all my extended family for their love and support.
In closing I wanted to bear my testimony that God loves us. He is there on call with his legions of angels waiting for us to ask for help. They are always there guiding us and cheering for us even through our times of dissapointment and sorrow. I know that only through faith and obeidence that we can come closer to him. I know that the power of the Book of Mormon is real and if we pray with real intent and act on it by studying it out for ourselves, Moroni 10:4 that we will know of its truth through the holy ghost. I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel and that he was truly a prophet of this dispensation. I am so grateful for the goodly parents I have been given and for all the help of friends and family that have got me to this point. I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ amen.
Love you all and will upload some pics of me and my companion as well as my friend John Francis who is still here.. YES!!! haha

Love you all
Elder Lunt

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